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Discovery Art Fair transforms Messe Frankfurt into a vibrant art universe

03.11.2022 | 17:04 Clock | Culture
Discovery Art Fair transforms Messe Frankfurt into a vibrant art universe
Discovery Art Fair transforms Messe Frankfurt into a vibrant art universe
Discovery Art Fair transforms Messe Frankfurt into a vibrant art universe

Whoever loves art is really in good hands in Frankfurt. Not only that in the houses along the Museumsufer always top-class exhibitions are offered and there are numerous galleries that present contemporary art. Events such as the Discovery Art Fair also help to give Frankfurt a special place within Germany's art scene. Now the fair is returning to the Main metropolis for its fifth edition. For four days, selected galleries, projects and solo shows will transform Hall 1 of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds into a vibrant art universe. Thus, the fair returns to the place where its predecessor, the "Art Frankfurt", was based until 2005.

For art lovers, there is really a lot to discover on 9,000 square meters: Because especially the carefully curated mix of galleries, projects and individual artists, which is unique in the trade fair landscape, provides an exciting insight into current art production. The offerings range from painting, photo art and works on paper to sculpture and installation to mixed media works and urban art. About 120 exhibitors offer several hundred artistic positions. There is everything, all materials (so there are, for example, artworks from car tires), various painting techniques, virtual art, immersive art, sculptures and much more.

Mess director Jörgen Golz emphasized that the Discovery Art Fair is not an exhibition, but that it is primarily about selling art. At the Discovery Art Fair there is only contemporary art, with the works sometimes coming very fresh from the studios. The fair is an excellent platform, especially for young artists, to make a name for themselves and reach a wider audience with their work. According to Golz, it is particularly nice that the fair appeals to a very broad audience: both well-heeled art collectors and art students who do not have a lot of money to invest can find the right works here. From 50 € to 140,000 € is here really for every purse something with.

The "Artist Section" is particularly exciting, as it reveals the unique opportunity to meet the artists in person and exchange ideas with them about their work.

The 9.000 square meter exhibition hall also allows specially designed special areas for sculptural works and installations, an innovation last year that was very well received by visitors.

Whoever wants to visit the fair should bring plenty of time to really discover the full range of contemporary art that is shown and offered here.

Exhibitors of the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2022


Gallery Section

30works Gallery, Aleph Art Gallery, Old Bakery, Apollo Art Gallery, Aria Gallery, ARP Gallery, ARS CRACOVIA Gallery, ART LIMITED Gallery, art2you Gallery, ART42 Gallery, ARTHUS Gallery, AVIVSON Gallery, coGALERIE, Evoke Art Gallery, ExtractArt, Galaria Cater, Galerie Augarde, Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Galerie Bengelsträter, Galerie DAS BILDERHAUS, Galerie Erik Bausmann, Galerie FLOX, Galerie Klose, Galerie Knecht und Burster, Galerie Kristine Hamann, galerie m beck, Gallery Minrath, Gallery Thomas Hühsam, Gallery Tristan Lorenz, Gallery Z22, Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, gräfe art concept, Karl Oskar Gallery, Lions Edition, Loft 11 Gallery, Mehran Contemporary, MunichArtGallery, OpenArtExchange, PERG Gallery, Produzenti*innengalerie Ritter, Steinberger Galleries - Kunsthaus am See, STH Gallery, Uecker Werke, Ultraneon Gallery, Unique Contemporary, Van Rij Gallery, Vijion Art Gallery, von fraunberg art gallery, Galerie Wolfram Völcker Fine Art

Artist Section

Achim Großmann/Silvia Eisele, Achim Katzberg, Achim Ripperger, Agata Schubert Hauck, Alwin Seel, Anjuta Schneider, Anni Holliday, artozann, Bernd Schwarzer, Linda Lauber/Eugen Kunkel, Atelier Rousin, Atrium Art Design, Babette Hintz, Badri Gubianuri, Birgit Krins Gudat, Brian Esch, Brigitte Witzer, Cheryl Mcintosh, Claudia Botz, Claus Delvaux, Elisabeth Jahrmärker, Eunjung Seo Zimmermann, Felix Haspel, Feromontana, Francesco NEO, Frank Scheidhauer, Gabriele Utech, Gabriele Willberg, Gerd Paulicke, Gerda Jacobs, Günay Shamsi, Hanneke van Vliet, Heiner Börger (HELI ART), Janine Seelen, Johannes Ehemann, Jordana Rae Gassner, Juliane Hundertmark, Jully Acuna Suarez, Kaja Ev el Attar, Karina Laru Naú, Katja Gehrung, Katrin Sandmann Henkel, Keun Woo Lee, Kevin Wilczewski, KNÖ-REI, Kristian Askelund, Kuno Heribert Vollet, Luco Cormerais, Mandy Wiesener, Manuel Kolip, Marie Ange Daude, Mary O'Connor, Myrthe Rödelberger, Oksana Bergen, Peter Lindenberg, Robert Balke, Roman Feron, Sabina Elena Leganaru, Sabine Pierick, Sabine Wild, Sandra van der Meulen, Sanuj Birla, selected views, Silke Aurora, Simple-T, Susanna Storch, Swaraj Das, Tabatt, Thomas A Hollbach, Ulrich Diezmann, Volker W. Hamann, Wanda Stang

Special Show "Immersive Experiences"

Studio Mischa Kuball, INS - Sabine Reibeholz, Jan Glisman, Jenny Brockmann, Konrad Wallmeier, LUCHS.US, Markus Butkereit, Ralf Kopp, Sabine Schäfer/Rosemarie Vollmer, Siggi Hofer, Simon Tretter, TŘČ & TMŠ

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt

Fair days 4.- 6. November 2022

Opening day 3. November 2022 - First Choice (for invited guests)

Messe Frankfurt, Hall 1 (City entrance)

Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Opening Hours

Friday - Saturday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00 am to 6:00 clock

Admission prices

Sa + Sun day ticket incl. Catalog 20 EUR, reduced 15 EUR

On the Friday of the fair, admission is free for all visitors

Online Tickets & more information:

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