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Felix Neureuther supports campaign "Disney Mach mit! Aktiv durch den Sommer"

04.07.2018 | 11:36 Clock | Sport
Felix Neureuther supports campaign 'Disney Mach mit! Aktiv durch den Sommer'

In midsummer temperatures, people like to look for a cool spot in the shade, lie down on the grass at the outdoor pool or try to move as little as possible in front of the fan in the darkened home. But exercise is good for you in summer too - and it's also important for our bodies. For ski star Felix Neureuther, this is a good reason to take part in the nationwide campaign "Disney Mach mit! Aktiv durch den Sommer" (Active through the summer) campaign, which once again this year aims to motivate people to lead more active lifestyles through play.

The campaign is designed to enable families to join Disney and "Mach mit!" ambassador Felix Neureuther in the summer months to discover the countless ways in which you can keep moving while having fun - whether swimming, cycling, running and and and. Because regular exercise is enormously important. Only 22.4% of girls and 29.4% of boys between the ages of 3 and 17 are physically active for at least 60 minutes a day, thus meeting the exercise recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). In a study initiated by Disney, more than half of the parents surveyed said they would like to see more physical activity with the whole family and were looking for new ideas to do more together. To get closer to this goal, Disney is available to help all families with game suggestions, recipe ideas and expert tips as part of the campaign.

With his project "Beweg dich schlau! mit Felix Neureuther", the professional athlete is supporting the campaign "Disney Mach mit! Aktiv durch den Sommer" campaign with specialist knowledge, expert tips and exercise exercises. The German ski star from Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been working with children for many years as part of his campaign, teaching them the joy of exercise and aiming to have a lasting positive influence on their habits and lifestyle. "Beweg dich schlau!" is a unique form of exercise that serves to promote mental and physical performance, strengthen concentration and initiate additional thinking and memory processes. The linking of thinking and movement, can improve cognitive performance and thus actively prevent stress in children.

With the help of popular characters such as Mickey, Donald or Goofy, the initiative "Disney Mach mit! Aktiv durch den Sommer" initiative aims to give children and families ideas for a more active and balanced lifestyle. For the third year in a row, the campaign is supported by IN FORM, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Federal Ministry of Health. It was initiated in 2008 by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) and has since been active throughout Germany with project partners in all areas of life.

More info can also be found at: <link http: mach-mit>


Mickys Regenbogen-Sandwich - Ein kunterbunter Lieblings-Snack nicht nur für Kinder

There are plenty of delicious snacks that are suitable for outdoor activities. But if you want it to be not only tasty but also look nice, we can recommend you this colorful sandwich variety.

For the preparation you should include:

Total time: 45 min.

Preparation time: 15 min.

Preparation time: 10 min.

The following ingredients you will need:

16 slices of whole wheat toast or whole wheat bread

Red beet hummus:

80 g chickpeas (canned, drained)

80 g beetroot (vacuum packed, pre-cooked)

.1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp walnut oil or olive oil

iodized salt with fluoride

carrot cream cheese:

3 tbsp cottage cheese/grainy cream cheese

1 bunch chives

1 carrot


mild curry powder

arugula pesto:

50 g arugula

30 g walnuts

1 tbsp olive oil

1-2 tbsp water

salt, pepper

Have you got everything? Then you're good to go:

1. For the pink layer you first have to prepare beetroot hummus. To do this, put all the ingredients for the hummus in a tall container and puree everything with a blender or in a blender until creamy. If you are skeptical about beetroot, you can also simply use a few tomato slices. Tastes very delicious too!

2. Continue with the yellow layer, which consists of a carrot cream cheese. To do this, rinse the carrot well under running water and then grate it into a bowl. Then mix it with cottage cheese, chives and spices and you are done with this layer.

3. Now go green with a delicious arugula pesto that takes just a few steps to make. Wash the arugula and shake it dry. Then you need to put arugula, walnuts, olive oil, water and the spices in a tall container and puree it. If the puree is too firm, add 1 tablespoon of water if necessary. If you are allergic to walnuts, simply use pine nuts or cashews. If arugula is too bitter for you, you can easily make the green layer with a mashed avocado seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper.

4. Now you have the spread for the different layers, then you can continue with the layering: Four slices of toast get a layer of arugula pesto. Four more slices each get a layer of carrot cream cheese, and then four slices of beetroot hummus follow. Now stack the carrot cream cheese bread on top of the pesto bread, then the beetroot hummus bread on top of that, and finish with a fourth slice of bread.

Tip: You still have leftover spread? All three spread variations also make great dips for veggie sticks!

And always remember: It's better to have a bread that's a little cheated on one layer (e.g., with tuna cream or ham) but that the kids love to eat than a top-healthy snack that's brought home uneaten!

Let you and your loved ones enjoy it!

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