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Frankfurt celebrates eleventh cider festival from August 11 to 20

11.08.2023 | 15:18 Clock | Culture
Frankfurt celebrates eleventh cider festival from August 11 to 20

The cider culture is lived tradition in the Main metropolis. From Friday, August 11, to Sunday, August 20, a separate festival is dedicated to Frankfurt's national drink. Cider and apple lovers can look forward to a colorful stage program at the cider festival on the Roßmarkt while enjoying a Stöffche.

"Over the next few days, everything will revolve around the apple, whether as Stöffche in all its diversity or as a culinary highlight. As every year, the cider festival is an ideal meeting place for international guests and Frankfurt residents," says Thomas Feda, managing director of the organizing Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main.

"How important home is, we notice not only since globalization. Hardly any other product stands so much for the love of our homeland. The traditional Hessian drink has reached its many lovers*. Whether younger people, older generations, trendsetters, scene-goers or conservationists, for all of them the festival is an ideal meeting point to celebrate the Stöffche - together with the international audience of this city. And the cider we are presenting this year is just as diverse," says Martin Heil, chairman of the Association of Hessian Cider and Fruit Juice Press Houses. He adds, "In addition to the classic mixed varieties, we press houses will offer a wide selection of mixed drinks, varietal cider, sparkling cider and cocktails."

"I am very happy to be part of this year's festival and to experience and represent the diversity of Stöffche over the next few days," adds Frankfurt Cider Queen Larissa I. "At the cider festival I was elected cider queen at the time, so it is virtually the home of my office. And every year the highlight in my queen calendar," she explains.

After the festival, as every year, the harvest season is ushered in by the wine press houses. The pressing of the harvested apples will last around eight to ten weeks and orchard owners are encouraged to bring their apples to the press houses. This guarantees the preservation and care of the meadow orchards, as they are home to countless animal and plant species and shape the cultural landscape of Hesse. Everyone can help to promote the protection of biodiversity in Hesse with their sustainable consumption and regional purchasing behavior.

Together with the largest wine press houses Heil, Possmann, Rapp's, Höhl and Nöll, a varied musical live program has been put together. Among other things, the cider tavern "Zum Feuerrädchen" will provide the right foundation in the form of Frankfurt specialties. But also delicious from the grill such as the Handkäsbratwurst and the creations around the apple, such as Langosch with apple sauce or sweet tarte flambée with apple, are offered at the Roßmarkt.

The festival is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays it closes one hour later. Information on the stage program can be found in the attached PDF.

Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival, Copyright: #visitfrankfurt, Photo: Holger Ullmann

stage program

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Eva Majunke, Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main, phone 069/247455370, E-Mail


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