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Frankfurt hums

13.09.2016 | 14:09 Clock | Citywhispers
Frankfurt hums

FES promotes native bees

(pia) Flowering meadows, food and retreats for bees: Following the project "Germany hums", the Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH (FES) now also promotes local bees.

Both the Wertstoffhof Nord in Kalbach and the site for waste disposal logistics and city cleaning in Heddernheim have small fallow areas. In Kalbach, therefore, a wild meadow was planted on an open area and in Heddernheim the bee pasture Phacelia was sown. The flower meadows have grown in the meantime and attract bees. Phacelia also binds nitrogen from the air and releases it into the soil. Now, other areas on FES properties are being evaluated to see if they, too, are suitable for wild meadows.

"I very much welcome FES' commitment to bees in the city," praises Environmental Affairs Director and FES Supervisory Board Chair Rosemarie Heilig. "It would be great if more companies were inspired by this."

In addition to the flowering landscapes, three so-called insect hotels were also installed on the FES grounds in Weidenbornstraße. These are nesting aids and provide shelter and hibernation sites for wild bees and other beneficial insects. Further locations are also being examined for this

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