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Frankfurt museums celebrate International Museum Day on Sunday

09.05.2018 | 12:39 Clock | Culture
Frankfurt museums celebrate International Museum Day on Sunday

(ffm) Under the motto "Museum Network: New Ways, New Visitors", this year's International Museum Day will take place on Sunday, 13 May. This year - dedicated to the European cultural heritage - the focus is on the transfer of knowledge in museums, their exchange with each other and the museum as a social place.

For the 41st time, the thematic diversity of museums worldwide will be communicated on this day. Many of Frankfurt's museums are taking part in this day of action with a varied programme, special tours and workshops.

"Breaking new ground and daring to do something new has always been a characteristic of Frankfurt's museum landscape. Currently, a change is taking place in Frankfurt: some Frankfurt museums are moving into new premises and reinventing themselves. The contemporary presentation of exhibits for visitors, both analogue and digital, is the focus of all Frankfurt's houses," says Head of Cultural Affairs Ina Hartwig.

And that's what's on the agenda: In the Museum Judengasse religions are networked. Here, children and young people perform a Turkish shadow play with protagonists from all three Abrahamic religions. Families can learn more about Jewish life with its many traditions on a guided tour. Young and old alike can immerse themselves in past worlds at the Archeological Museum: What do the motifs on Greek ceramics mean and what do they say about the interconnectedness of Greece and the Near East - questions that will be answered on Museum Day. The maid Sophie shows guests aged five and over what life was like in the house of the famous poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Young visitors can also make romantic collages in the workshop of the Goethe House. At the same time, half-hour guided tours for adults and an intercultural tour of the painting gallery are offered several times a day. Childhood memories are evoked on a guided tour of the Struwwelpeter Museum, as the focus is of course on Heinrich Hoffmann and his educational picture book of the time, "Struwwelpeter".

Another Frankfurt celebrity, the Rententurm, can be explored from top to bottom on a guided tour of the Historisches Museum. Frankfurt's present takes center stage on a guided tour of the "Frankfurt Jetzt!" exhibition.

For a trip into the recent past, check out the Museum Giersch. The exhibition "The Studio Gallery of Goethe University 1964-1968" shows the history of the gallery run by the AStA with the progressive and experimental art and happenings shown in it. On International Museum Day, the Bible House Experience Museum will also be open to experimentation and creativity. Young visitors can make Bibles in the bookbinding workshop and be guided through the exhibition "fremde.heimat.bibel" ( in a scavenger hunt via app. There is much to discover and try out. The collection of the Senckenberg Naturmuseum also opens its doors and invites newcomers and connoisseurs to public guided tours. In addition, visitors can discuss exhibits and important topics such as sustainable futures with experts on site. The exhibition spaces will thus become a place for exchange and dialogue. A glimpse into the future from the perspective of 1968 is available at the German Film Museum. On guided tours through the exhibition "Kubrick's 2001. 50 Years of A SPACE ODYSSEY" visitors will learn which visions from 50 years ago are reality today. In the Open Film Studio, visitors can beam themselves into new worlds via bluescreen.

Every year, International Museum Day has a motto proclaimed by the International Council of Museums that addresses various aspects of museum work, focuses on current issues and promotes the diversity of museums worldwide. Anyone wishing to visit Frankfurt's museums this coming Sunday and become part of the network will find all the important information about the events, including details of admission prices, registration procedures and times, at <link http: _blank>

or the website of the respective museums

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