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Fundraiser for MS sufferers to reopen the "dm" on March 13

11.03.2017 | 15:59 Clock | Citywhispers
Fundraiser for MS sufferers to reopen the 'dm' on March 13

Dm Berger Straße 183 reopened: 2500 Euro donation for MS sufferers

DMSG Hessen patron Astrid Wallmann cashed in for a good cause

.Today's reopening of the dm store at Berger Straße 183 (Bornheim) after several weeks of renovations was put to good use by the dm team, who organized a fundraiser to benefit MS sufferers: Astrid Wallmann, member of the state parliament and patron of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG) Landesverband Hessen, sat at the checkout for an hour and pulled the goods over the scanner. Her earnings from this period of 1962 Euros went completely to the DMSG Hessen. In addition, the dm team rounded up the sum to 2500 euros and donated this handsome amount to the MS self-help organization.

With joy and high motivation, Astrid Wallmann, patron DMSG Hessen, sat for an hour today at the cash register of the reopened dm branch in Berger Straße 183 directly at the clock tower in the heart of Bornheim. For the good cause the member of the state parliament Astrid Wallmann gladly changed her chair in the plenary hall in the Hessian state parliament on this day, in order to pull shower gels, shampoo and diapers over the scanner and cash up instead for one hour. Efficient and concentrated, but also with charm and sympathy towards the customer, Astrid Wallmann fulfilled her task. "dm" store manager Deniz Dopf was full of praise for Astrid Wallmann's skill at the checkout: "I would hire her immediately."

The reward for the effort was a handsome result. After one hour at the checkout, the DMSG-Hessen patron had taken in no less than 1962 euros. A sum that the "dm" team rounded up to 2500 euros. "This is a wonderful result that we have achieved for the benefit of MS sufferers. It was also a great campaign in which I was very happy to be involved," said a delighted Astrid Wallmann as she and Bernd Crusius (Managing Director of DMSG Hessen) accepted the donation cheque from Andreas Spörl (Area Manager at dm), Deniz Dopf (Branch Manager) and Pedro Martins (Deputy Branch Manager). "I am delighted that dm is combining the opening of the remodelled drugstore with a good cause and thus once again supporting MS sufferers in Frankfurt and Hesse," emphasised Astrid Wallmann, who had already gained experience as a cashier at the opening of another dm store a year ago and was able to benefit from this in her current assignment. Andreas Spörl (area manager at dm) was impressed by the patron's commitment as well as by the work of the DMSG Hessen: "It is important for us to help people who need our support."

The proceeds from the dm fundraiser will benefit the supervised camps offered by DMSG Hessen to MS sufferers and their families. These camps are an important break from everyday life for the often severely ill, their partners and children. Multiple sclerosis is not only a great challenge for the person affected, but also affects the entire family life. The contact point for MS sufferers from Frankfurt and the surrounding area is not far from the dm branch at Berger Straße 183 and is located at Wittelsbacherallee 86. The self-help organisation supports MS sufferers in medical, legal and professional matters. The offer ranges from counselling sessions and self-help groups to therapy courses, seminars, lectures and its own driving service. Multiple sclerosis is an as yet incurable disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms vary greatly from patient to patient, ranging from feelings of numbness, impaired vision, extreme physical exhaustion to severe physical limitations.

More info is available at: <link http: _blank>

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