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Glaabsbräu celebrates its 275th anniversary

15.05.2019 | 14:40 Clock | Culinary
Glaabsbräu celebrates its 275th anniversary

Congratulations! There is an anniversary to celebrate in Seligenstadt: founded in 1744, Glaabsbräu is the oldest brewery in southern Hesse and is one of the few remaining family-run breweries in Hesse. A traditional family brewery has become a start-up with history. The brewery has completely reinvented itself and is one of the most modern breweries in Germany. A success story whose 275th anniversary must be duly celebrated. And so, on 15 and 16 June, a large anniversary celebration will take place on Seligenstadt's market square after the arrival of the Kaufmannzug, the historic Seligenstädter Geleit 2019. A program with diverse live music, from traditional music to pop-chanson singer, Sven Garrecht and party band Klangfabrik from Frankfurt awaits the more than 4,000 visitors. Fresh Glaabsbräu and regional specialities, also from food trucks, will provide for the physical well-being. In addition, tours of the brewery will of course be offered at hourly intervals. For a trip to get to know Seligenstadt better, the festival is also suitable: On that Saturday, some shops will be open until 4 p.m. - time enough to celebrate and stroll through the city.

The program:


14.00 Social with brass & Co

16.30 hrs Entry of the merchant procession and official welcome

17.30 hrs Sven Garrecht - live & open air

19.00 Uhr Klangfabrik - live & open air until ca. 22 Uhr


11.00 am Frühschoppen & Beer tapping with the Musikverein Klein-Welzheim

13.00 Social gathering with the Stadtkapelle Seligenstadt

until approx. 15 clock

A fundamental transformation - start-up with history

Hessen counts 80 breweries. The oldest brewery in southern Hesse is run by the ninth generation of Robert Glaab and Emmanuelle Bitton-Glaab and is one of the few remaining family-run breweries in Hesse. The brewery has 18 employees and brews 15,000Hl per year. Thus, Glaabsbräu is one of the smallest family breweries in the region.

In 2014, the Glaab family decided to fundamentally reorganize the company. In the foreground were not only business management and modernization thoughts but the goal of building a brewery that can produce beers and brewing specialties according to a special brewing and raw material philosophy. In 2015, the new brewery was put into operation. In 2017, the second strategic milestone followed with the brand relaunch and the switch to Euro bottles. In total, more than EUR 4 million was invested in this, more than the annual turnover.

"We have completely reinvented ourselves in two years and feel strengthened in the market with this new strategic direction. To develop successfully in a declining beer market is a great achievement, which also proves that many consumers prefer characterful individual beers and increasingly focus on quality and regional innovation," comments Robert Glaab.

From Purity Law to Naturalness Law

The German Purity Law is undisputedly a mark of quality that has helped the German brewing industry achieve world fame. However, the commandment only refers to the approved ingredients water-hops-malt-yeast-and is not to be equated with a natural and gentle production process. Glaabsbräu adheres to the purity law for its beers, but goes much further and advocates naturalness. All beers are brewed individually according to their own recipe, gently and only with natural hops and without additives, chemical stabilizers and color beer, all of which are allowed in the Purity Law and have an unmistakable influence on the taste. "What doesn't belong in beer simply doesn't go in our beer. Beer is a natural product and must be treated as such!", tells Julian Menner, master brewer and beer sommelier. The fact that environmental considerations play a role not only in the brewing philosophy is also shown by the fact that Glaabsbräu brews Co2-neutral.

That Glaabsbräu specialties are brewed with the highest quality standards is also reflected in national and international awards that Glaabsbräu received in 2018 and 2019 for its beers, craft beers and brewing specialties. Regional product innovation plays a major role for Glaabsbräu. "As the oldest brewery in southern Hesse, we have the claim to offer regional creations. In 2018, we successfully ventured a new interpretation of the Hessian cult green sauce with "Glaab´s Grie Soß", adds Emmanuelle Bitton-Glaab.

A look behind the scenes

The new brewery not only meets requirements in terms of modernity and innovation but also aesthetics. True to the motto "See, taste, marvel", a guided tour of Glaabsbräu is not only informative but an experience. Several formats are offered, also in English. With 6,000 visitors a year, Glaabsbräu is a popular destination in the region.

For more information on the anniversary, visit www.glaabsbrä

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