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Glaabsbräu launches Hessian craft "Glaab's Grie Soß"

05.04.2018 | 09:08 Clock | Culinary
Glaabsbräu launches Hessian craft 'Glaab's Grie Soß'

For over 270 years, the private brewery Glaabsbräu has stood for the production of beers full of character. This includes, in addition to the traditional beer range, also various craft beers. The oldest private brewery in southern Hesse has now expanded its craft offering, venturing a new and first-time interpretation of the Hessian cult brew. At this year's Craft Beer Festival in Frankfurt, "Glaab´s Grie Soß" was presented for the first time. With its pleasant herbal aroma, the beer-mixed drink quickly won over visitors to the festival.

That the mixed drink, which consists of 90% mildly hopped pale beer and 10% of the seven herbs used in the Hessian green sauce, has delighted craft beer aficionados is something brewmaster Julian Menner, who hails from Bavaria, says: "Grie Soß is a great Hessian speciality. It tastes so good to me that I spontaneously thought of brewing a drink with the seven herbs of Grie Soß," he says. "We were lucky and didn't have to make so many attempts. Only the proportion of sorrel and chives we had to reduce, because the taste was too dominant."

Of course, this particular "Herbal Craft" is brewed to be just as sophisticated and special as Glaabsbräu's other beers and craft beers:

- Individually brewed to our own recipe,

- With all-natural hops,

- Free of additives, chemical stabilizers as well as color beer, all of which are allowed in the Purity Law,

.x>N</x>- And for Glaab&acute;s Grie Soß with fresh herbs from regional suppliers.

Following the successful debut at the Craftbeer Festival, the aim now is to get even more consumers excited about this regional product. Under the motto "Discover the power of seven herbs", Glaabsbräu wants to expand its distribution channels in retail and gastronomy in the Rhine-Main region for this new speciality. A first step has been taken and Glaab&acute;s Grie Soß was recently added to the Hessenshop (<link http: _blank>

The label design was developed by creative agency M.I.L.K in Frankfurt, which was responsible for the design of Glaabsbräu's new brand identity in 2017. The main character of the label design of Glaab&acute;s Grie Soß is the "Hessian Popeye" who discovered the power of seven herbs. To find out where Glaab&acute;s Grie Soß can be purchased in stores everywhere, visit <link http: bezugsquellen _blank>

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