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Great city ringing to go: Unique sound experience as mobile phone ringtone before

13.03.2021 | 16:45 Clock | Citywhispers
Great city ringing to go: Unique sound experience as mobile phone ringtone before

And another good news for all fans of the Great Frankfurt City Ringing. After we already told you that the concert of the Frankfurt church bells will be heard live again at Easterand that there will be the Gloriosa of the cathedral is also available as a ringtone for mobile phones, now follows the entire Great City Ringing for your pocket: on Friday, March 12, this unique ringtone was presented. It is typical Frankfurt and also the sound of the city. The Great City Ringing has a long tradition in Frankfurt am Main. The ringing of all bells is documented as early as 1347. In May 1856, the Senate of the Free City of Frankfurt decided to ring the bells at Christmas, Easter and Whitsun, which was later called the "Great City Ringing". The current conception of the Great City Ringing dates back to 1954.

"The bells of the churches give the city a unique voice," says Mayor and Church Commissioner Uwe Becker. "The concert that fills the entire city center is for me, as well as for many other people, a part of Frankfurt's heart. It is a unique, distinctive concert, not only in Germany. Frankfurt am Main can be proud of this tradition."

By download, all interested parties can get the ringtone on for Android or Apple devices uncomplicated and of course free of charge. You can hear an excerpt of the Great City Ringing in this ringtone.

The ringtone was compiled by Bernhard Smets, the grandson of Prof. Paul Smets, the composer of the Great City Ringing Frankfurt.

"Of course, the ringtone does not replace the actual city ringing. But it does make it possible to appeal to many Frankfurt residents who may not have come into contact with the Great City Ringing of Frankfurt before," explains the church's head of department. "And for all fans of the Great City Ringing, we may be able to give them a little joy by having the Great City Ringing with them at all times as a mobile phone ringtone."

You can read more about the city bells HERE

All dotation churches among the inner city churches can additionally be seen on the internet in a 360-degree video series at be discovered.

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