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Green Sauce Festival: Grie Soß and Good Climate

05.07.2021 | 08:37 Clock | Culture
Green Sauce Festival: Grie Soß and Good Climate

At last, again! That's a saying you've heard over and over again in the past few days and weeks. Finally going out to eat again. Finally going to the movies again. Finally meeting friends again. And soon it will also mean: Finally Green Sauce Festival again. Or rather: Green Sauce Festival. For three weeks, the makers of the Grüne Soße Festival, together with the cabaret "Die Käs", the satirical theatre "Die Schmiere" and the "Papageno Musiktheater", will be offering an open-air cultural festival in which not only Grie Soß but also the climate will play an important role. From 20 August to 11 September 2021, the audience - under a huge umbrella with plenty of space, sufficient fresh air and yet protected from "wind and weather" - can enjoy the stars of our cultural scene.

A special feature is not only the fact that here people can experience culture together again after long months. Also the event location itself should become a real speciality: The two festival initiators Maja Wolff and Torsten Müller had the idea to design the entrance area of the open-air venue with a climate wall of herbs. They were able to win the Frankfurt architectural firm schneider+schumacher as partners for the implementation. The result of this collaboration is a 45-metre wide and 4-metre high climate wall consisting of 108 Euro pallets planted with herbs. The herb bulwark not only looks great and improves the climate on site, it is also intended to be a radiant symbol for a climate-conscious future in the middle of the city!

Graffiti meets climate

Before the 108 Euro pallets are planted with herbs, the Frankfurt street artist Justus Becker alias COR designs the climate wall into an overall work of art. With the giant graffiti that is created there, each individual herb pallet becomes unique - with fixed numbering and signed with a stamp. Thus, each pallet will always remain a recognizable part of this art and climate action. The total number is limited to 108 pieces. And there is another special feature: all 108 pallets will get a new home after the festival - maybe with you?

Frankfurt makes ClimateMeter - A Living Wall for Frankfurt.

Because whoever wants to can now buy one (or of course several) KlimaMeter. This action is not only aimed at private individuals, but also at companies and businesses. With the KlimaMeter, courtyards and outdoor areas can be individually designed and greened. Or they can be donated to Frankfurt school gardens and kindergarten yards. Since each KlimaMeter is initially part of the climate wall on the Roßmarkt, these unique pieces are really something special. Immediately after the festival, they will then be transported to their new destination.

Infos about the KlimaMeter at a glance:

- Limited edition

- Size: 120 x 80 cm

- Contents: 6 planter boxes with herbs

- Price: 250 euros

- Naming on the website

.- Delivery of the pallets will be made by FES

from the festival onwards.Those interested can now apply directly using the form on or call 069-48 00 25 25 to order.

For more info on the Green Sauce Festival, visit:

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