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Happy Birthday: Born In The Wetterau celebrates birthday with gift to the region

25.03.2018 | 11:03 Clock | Culinary
Happy Birthday: Born In The Wetterau celebrates birthday with gift to the region

Strong bee, tasty Stöffche


It's hard to believe, but true: The "Local Stöffche" from Ostheim near Butzbach, BORN IN THE WETTERAU, turns 4 years on April 04. Only, one would like to say. Because the brand has quickly gained a large fan community since its inception and has long since become the Wetterau's national drink. There is hardly any gastronomy in the region and hardly any festival without the wine pressed from Wetterau apples. Even in Canada, New Zealand and Norway, fans in Born-In-The-Wetterau shirts show their love for the Stöffche and their roots. For their birthday, the makers of BORN IN THE WETTERAU have come up with something very special to show their gratitude to the region. For one year, one cent of every "Born-In-The-Wetterau" product sold will benefit a regional bee conservation project.

"Without strong bees, there is no delicious Stöffche," says Kjetil Dahlhaus, founder and owner of "Born In The Wetterau". "But there are fewer and fewer of the industrious flower pollinators and their survival is at risk." With the "Strong Bee, Delicious Stöffche" campaign, the native of Bad Nauheim wants to say thank you and give something back to the region. "We need the bees, because around 80 percent of our native cultivated and wild plants, including our orchards and apple trees, depend on pollination by bees. Without them, agriculture does not function and biodiversity is endangered," explains Dahlhaus. "With Born In The Wetterau, we can all now do something for the endangered insects in a very simple way."

The home-loving label has launched plenty of products in its four young years, through which you can now donate a cent each to the bees. In addition to cider in neat, cola, sour or sweet spritz, there's "Glühstöffche", "Apfelschorle natur" and apple schnapps with the lovely pet name "Hard Stöffche". Fans can also stock up on Born-In-The-Wetterau baby rompers, T-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, ribbed, Stöffche openers or gym bags.

"The Wetterau, with its rolling hills and many meadow orchards, is the region with the largest cider production in Germany, but few people know that," says Dahlhaus. "That's why I want to make the Wetterau known as the number one cider region." The growing sales and the awards he has already won show he is on the right track: "Das Hard Stöffche" won the "Pomme d'Or - Best Product" at the International Cider Fair 2016. "Das Local Stöffche" received the "Best Of Apfelwein" award from users in 2016 and 2017.

Fans and those who want to become one can find more info at <link http: _blank> or <link http: _blank>

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