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HOCH - An anthem to life in a clean city

29.06.2018 | 07:49 Clock | Citywhispers
HOCH - An anthem to life in a clean city

A very special song celebrates its world premiere at the Höchster Schlossfest

(ffm) For about a year now, the environmental department of the city of Frankfurt has been promoting a clean city and a new awareness. Bright green, the cleanliness campaign #cleanffm is creeping more and more into the cityscape and into people's minds. It tries to do this in a humorous, non-teaching and unconventional way. In doing so, the environmental department, together with the commissioned agency site-works, is also breaking new ground.

Following a stylish, free city magazine that first came out in May, the #cleanffm cleanliness campaign is really turning up the heat and introducing another unusual highlight to its urban campaign. As a partner of this year's Höchster Schlossfest, it will present its #cleanffm song on Saturday. A world premiere, so to speak. "Up" is the name of the song. Commissioned by the environmental department and written and produced especially for the traditional festival by the Frankfurt band Maingold. "Hoch" is an anthem to life in a clean city and an anthem for the target group of #cleanffm. These are young adults "who are certainly doing things wrong - littering, for example - but who rightly can no longer hear that everything used to be better," says Jens Dietrich, lyricist and musician for the Frankfurt band Maingold and creative head of the agency site-works. "Today, young people get involved because they find individual projects good and important."

This is exactly the goal that the city of Frankfurt has also been pursuing for a year with the campaign, namely to develop a community out of #cleanffm that will eventually tackle part of the littering and also the environmental problem on its own. "High" speaks from the heart of this generation, saying, "Criticize us, but don't deny us anything. We have so much more to do."

For those who want to experience the world premiere of the #cleanffm anthem live: on Saturday, June 30, at 10 p.m., the group Maingold will perform on Schlossplatz at the Höchster Schlossfest.

About Maingold: Jens Dietrich and Fabrizio Levita: two professional musicians from Frankfurt. Their music: transcending styles and borders. They are close to home, but love and live music globally. Their musical language is German. The titles of their songs always consist of one syllable. Why? Because they make pieces that get to the point. Pieces that make statements. Musically as well as lyrically. Modern, committed to tradition and open to adaptations of any kind.

<link https: _blank>You can see the video for the anthem HERE

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