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Information about Earth Hour 2024

23.02.2024 | 17:07 Clock | Citywhispers
Information about Earth Hour 2024

"Floods and forest fires last year, the current drought in Spain and a winter that is far too mild here: The current dramatic and existentially threatening consequences of the climate crisis show us how much we have been living at the expense of our planet for far too long," says Rosemarie Heilig, Head of Climate, Environment and Women's Issues. Together with the Climate Department, she is therefore calling on people to take part in Earth Hour 2024. The nature and environmental protection organization World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is initiating it for the 18th time this year under the motto "Earth Hour - your hour for the Earth": private individuals and companies around the world are being asked to switch off the lights in their homes on Saturday, 23 March, from 8.30 to 21.30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23, private individuals and companies around the world are asked to switch off the lights in their homes or not to illuminate their buildings or monuments.

"Let's all switch off the lights in our homes or companies for an hour and set an example for more climate and environmental protection around the world. Together we can protect our planet. A little bit for each of us, a lot together," says Heilig. "We probably won't save any significant amount of energy with this hour. But Earth Hour reminds us that we have many opportunities every day to save energy and therefore resources," emphasizes the head of department. A number of municipal buildings will also be taking part in Earth Hour, including the Youth and Social Welfare Office building, several buildings belonging to the Department of Planning and Housing, Römer Town Hall, the eight Dotationskirchen churches and St. Paul's Church.

Use these links to cities and municipalities and companies can register their participation in Earth Hour with WWF. The location is then marked on the Earth Hour map of Germany. After registration, the WWF provides communication material by email, including text modules, social media graphics or posters.

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