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Instagram museum "Sweetpics" opens in Frankfurt

24.08.2023 | 21:06 Clock | Museums and Art
Instagram museum 'Sweetpics' opens in Frankfurt

Following Berlin and Cologne, Frankfurt is also celebrating the opening of an Instagram museum that offers an exciting and interactive art exhibition for all photography enthusiasts and social media lovers. With a variety of unique photo zones, the "Sweetpics" museum invites visitors to immerse themselves in colorful and imaginative worlds and create unforgettable memories in the form of images. Founder Milana Sotir shares her joy about the long-awaited opening: "We are overjoyed to open the long-planned Insta-Museum "Sweetpics" in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen tomorrow."

The Instagram museum Sweetpics presents its visitors creative photo fun in 15 different zones:

One of the main attractions of the museum is a pool with 15,000 pink balls. Here, guests have the opportunity to let off steam, laugh and take selfies as they sink into this playful paradise. In the mirror room with lovely lighting, visitors can immerse themselves in infinity and take home unique photos. Over 100 yellow rubber ducks are waiting to fill the pictures with life and color. This bright yellow photo zone evokes childhood memories and provides a vibrant backdrop for unique photos. A giant cake serves as the backdrop for one of the photo zones. Here, visitors can pose with props, gather friends around them or even jump into the cake to create original reels and stories for their Instagram feed. Romance takes center stage in a dreamy photo zone adorned by a giant kissing mouth. Here, visitors can give free rein to their romantic streak and feel like they're in Paris, the city of love. In the supermarket, visitors can stroll through a supermarket as customers or act as vendors while juggling merchandise. The 1950s come alive in the American Diner. With authentic ambiance, chrome, red leather and original props, guests can capture unique retro-style images here. An English phone booth catapults visitors straight to London. By picking up the phone and standing next to it, they are immersed in the atmosphere of the British capital. A gaudy photo zone is all about sweets. Giant M&M figures are waiting to pose for fun and colorful pictures. Magic and fairy tales await visitors in a photo zone where they can transform into fairies. Here they can don wings and pose for enchanted shots alongside a majestic unicorn. Immersing themselves in a quirky banana world makes for unusual and colorful pictures as guests frolic in this fun photo zone.

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The opening of the "Sweetpics" Museum on August 25 promises a world of creativity, color and joy. From colorful photo zones to imaginative scenes, the museum offers a unique opportunity to actively experience art while creating stunning images for social media. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and people of all ages are invited to explore the magic of Sweetpics.

For more information, visit the website:
For the calendar: Friday, 25. August 2023
Location: Deutschherrnufer 31, 60594 Frankfurt
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00

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