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Interview with JOSH. on Oktoberfest hit Cordula Grün

11.09.2018 | 16:37 Clock | People
Interview with JOSH. on Oktoberfest hit Cordula Grün

With the song <link https: _blank>Cordula Grün, singer and songwriter Josh. from Vienna, first became known in Austria - and now also in many parts of Germany. The song is different. Refreshing. And the hype around Cordula is still bubbling.

Spätestens, wenn es in den Münchener Oktoberfestzelten endlich "O' zapft is'" wird Cordula Grün in aller Munde sein. The <link https: _blank>Cover of the band "Die Draufgänger", which Cordula decorated with folk music elements, speaks for it. After the Wiesn then pretty soon the ski season is heralded and from the spring you can see holidaymakers dancing to Cordula Grün on the Balearic island of Mallorca.

We took the opportunity to meet the artist, whose real name is Johannes Sumpich. Already now is sure: Your song Cordula green will hit in the tents at the Oktoberfest, in the ski huts and also at the Ballermann: How do you find that?

JOSH.: I'm happy about it when the song reaches such a wide audience. It makes no difference to me whether someone hears my songs with a glass of red wine or in a beer tent. On YouTube one can already hear a somewhat different side of you in the song <link https: _blank>"Wenn Du jeden" you strike rather jazz and blues tones. Is that a contradiction for you?

JOSH.: The video was made last year. I always dreamed of performing with a jazz trumpeter one day. But that was more of a trip for me - also the songs on my album will go more in the musical direction of Cordula. When will your album be released?

JOSH.Actually, the album should now appear in the fall, but we do not manage because of the hype around Cordula - and we want to give the song now the space. Which topics are treated on the album?

JOSH.: A song is about the property to always want to talk everything down. I'm also particularly looking forward to a ballad. This song is about the feeling of having lost your own melody. When a person leaves you and takes his melody with him: I think that's the worst thing for a musician. Loss and grief: Are these very personal experiences that inspired you to write this song?

JOSH.: You don't know exactly. To every song I write, I also have a relationship. Every artist always processes their own experiences to some degree. What were the most beautiful moments of your music career so far?

JOSH.: One of the most beautiful moments was definitely when I heard Cordula Grün for the first time on the biggest radio station in Austria Ö3. My first appearance in Germany at hr3 was also a big highlight. Especially because the audience could not only sing along with Cordula Grün, but also liked my other songs. Originally there was already another text for Cordula Grün. Can you tell me what the song was about before Cordula Grün?

JOSH.: No, I can not say. The creation of a song is an artistic process and the way to the finished song is not something I want to show the world. If I had wanted to show the lyrics to the world in their original form, that's what I would have done: unpublished remains unpublished. What must a woman have to fascinate you?

JOSH.: She should be a bit special, not so 0815 - she must have no particular appearance or correspond to a certain type, but simply radiate something. Is there someone in your life currently?

JOSH.That remains private! Does the great success around Cordula Green also make you a little afraid of not being able to tie to it?

JOSH.: Yes and no. Through Cordula Green I can stand on bigger stages and reach more people and inspire them with my music - and I just have huge fun doing it! But of course I am also under a lot of pressure from all sides. I try to accept the energy that has been released with the success and keep going. I can also just say to myself, thanks to Cordula I don't have to prove to anyone anymore that I can make music! What do you appreciate especially about your hometown Vienna - why did you stay true to it until today and didn't look for your luck somewhere else?

JOSH.: Vienna simply offers an enormous quality of life. In Vienna, people know me. There I know people to make music together and was able to build a large network over the years. If I had moved to Berlin from one day to the next - nobody knows you - then you start all over again. Can you tell us a secret?

JOSH.: I have to think about it. I would like to do something with dance and music at the same time - so the dance in general to include something more. Dancing already plays a big role in the video for Cordula Grün. That was great fun for me. Until recently you worked in the IT sector - how did you get into it?

JOSH.: I studied music: Guitar and singing. The job in the IT industry was rather pragmatic. To finance my studies I needed money. So it was always just a side job, which secured me financially. However, I have always worked only part-time, so I had the opportunity to pursue my own goals. Are there musical role models - artists with whom you would like to stand on stage?

JOSH.: There are many. For example Elements of Crime, Clueso or Max Herre. In general, my musical taste is very broad. For me as a trained guitarist, artists like the Beates and Eric Clapton and all guitar heroes were of course always particularly popular. And do you have something like "All-Time Favorite" songs or asked differently: Which songs land with you regularly on the playlist?

JOSH.: A song that I always like to get energy from is <link https: _blank>"Jetzt gehst Du weg" by Rakede. But I also think everything by John Mayer is super cool. Thanks a lot!

You can find all info and dates of JOSH. on his website <link http: _blank>

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