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Meow! Frankfurt gets a cat café

13.11.2016 | 11:03 Clock | Culinary
Meow! Frankfurt gets a cat café

With their "Katzentempel" in Munich, the first Katzencafé in Germany, Kathrin Kahl and Thomas Leidner have created something very special. Their goal: to combine the pleasant with the meaningful: To offer their guests delicious vegan food - from breakfast to coffee and cake to full meals - and a few cats a new home. How is this going to work? Quite simple: The Katzencafé is on the one hand completely geared to the needs of the house cats. There are several climbing and various employment possibilities and if the cats feel like it, they can also be pampered by the guests with strokes. But since the cats' well-being is clearly in the foreground, it is the animals who decide when and how contact with the guests takes place. And if it still gets too much for them, there is still a retreat room to which guests are not allowed access.

On the other hand, guests are offered a choice of delicious meals, which - in keeping with the animal welfare concept - are of course entirely plant-based. In the kitchen, where the cats are of course not allowed to roam around, high value is placed on quality, both in the selection of ingredients and in their preparation. The concept, which works so well in Munich, is now to come to Frankfurt. They are still looking for a suitable location, but the plans made for a branch in the Main metropolis are already very concrete. Here, too, a new home is to be offered to cats from animal welfare, and here, too, the palates of the guests are to be spoiled and animal welfare brought closer to them at the same time.

It is to be mentioned again quite clearly that a Katzencaf&eacute; no petting zoo is to be. The visit in the Caf&eacute; guarantees that one gets something tasty to eat, but not that one may also pet the cats or play with them. That's up to the animals themselves. But in general there will be a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere, which is guaranteed to delight not only, but of course especially cat lovers. We will of course keep you informed about further developments. More info about the Katzencaf&eacute; and its philosophy can also be found at: <link http: _blank>Http://

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