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More than 600 homeless people came to the Christmas goose dinner in the Römer

08.12.2017 | 15:31 Clock | Citywhispers
More than 600 homeless people came to the Christmas goose dinner in the Römer

For the sixth time, the Christmas goose dinner for the homeless in the Ratskeller of Frankfurt's Römer was organized by the Bernd Reisig Foundation "helfen helfen". On December 7th, 32 celebrities from politics, economy, media, sports and entertainment followed the good example of initiator Bernd Reisig and gave the more than 600 guests in the Ratskeller of the Frankfurt Römer not only a real feast, but also something no less valuable and important: attention, affection and an open heart for the many problems of everyday life. Among others, the Lord Mayor and patron Peter Feldmann, the Deputy Prime Minister Tarek Al-Wazir, the Ministers of State Lucia Puttrich, Eva Kühne-Hörmann and Dr. Thomas Schäfer, the media producers Nils Bremer, Werner d'Inka, Hans-Dieter Hillmoth and Bärbel Schäfer were fully committed to the good cause this year. Also present were TV stock market expert Mick Knauff, Eintracht legend Karl-Heinz Körbel, actress Radost Bokel, and entertainer Eva Jacob.

17 days before Christmas Eve, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, landlord in the Römer opened the doors of the Ratskeller for around 600 homeless people. "I am very much looking forward to serving food again together with the other prominent helpers. Helping those in need, not looking the other way, that's the meaning of Christmas. They are part of our city and the Römer is open to all citizens," Feldmann said.

Bernd Reisig, media manager and founder of the foundation, was pleased about the once again great response to this unique event: "With the invitation to the homeless, we want to exemplify the idea of respect and public spirit - even beyond the Christmas season. Unfortunately, we forget far too often that a warm blanket and a hot meal are not a matter of course for many people in our city. For me, this event is a matter of the heart and almost a small tradition."

"The ‚help foundation' makes a really important contribution to the topic of tolerance and humanity with this campaign. We are very happy to be part of it again," said Ande Werner and Lars Niedereichholz from Mundstuhl. Stock exchange expert Mick Knauff emphasized: "The discrepancy in our society is quite obvious in Frankfurt. On the one hand the banks stand for wealth and money, on the other hand the poorest people sleep under the bridge. Helping here is a matter of course for me." Actress Radost Bokel is also wholeheartedly involved: "Here I can make a very personal contribution that goes straight to the heart."

For Petra, the meal at the Römer is a truly welcome action: "Here I am warmly welcomed. And that the Lord Mayor personally serves me the meal is something I would never have dreamed of." It was also an unforgettable experience for Olav: "This really is a feeling like Christmas. On the street we are mostly ignored. All this attention here is already really great."

In addition to the Christmas dinner with roast goose, dumplings and red cabbage, the guests also received a gift: the DFL Foundation donated a gift bag with Christmas stollen, hat and socks as well as an Iso mat to each of them.

The food was donated by the Scheck-In-Center Frankfurt and prepared by the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof. The Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (VGF) made it possible again this year for all homeless people to travel free of charge by public transport within Frankfurt.

The guests were hosted by a total of 32 prominent helpers.

They include (in alphabetical order):

Reza Ahmari (Press Officer Federal Police Frankfurt Airport), Minister of State Tarek Al-Wazir (Minister of Hesse), Gerhard Bereswill (Chief of Police Frankfurt), Michael Boddenberg (CDU Parliamentary Party Leader Hesse), Radost Bokel (Actress), Nils Bremer (Editor-in-Chief Journal Frankfurt), Werner D´Inka (Publisher FAZ), Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (Mayor of the City of Frankfurt), Woody Feldmann (Comedian), Arnd Festerling (Editor-in-Chief Frankfurter Rundschau), City Councillor Rosemarie Heilig (Head of Department City of Frankfurt), Hans-Dieter Hillmoth (Head of HIT RADIO FFH), Gabriele Holzner (Program Director HR), Eva Jacob (Jacob Sisters), Mick Knauff (TV stock market expert), Karl-Heinz "Charly" Körbel (Eintracht Frankfurt legend), Minister of State Eva Kühne-Hörmann (Hessian Minister), Christopher Posch (TV lawyer), Minister of State Lucia Puttrich (Hessian Minister), Bernd Reisig (host & media manager), Bärbel Schäfer (TV and radio presenter), Minister of State Dr. Thomas Schäfer (Hessian Minister), Benjamin Scheffler (Managing Director FES Frankfurt), Johannes Scherer (Comedian & radio presenter), Markus Schrick (Head HYUNDAI Germany), Prof. Dr. Rüdiger von Rosen (journalist), Heidi Zehentner (chief editor FRIZZ Magazin), Ande Werner & Lars Niedereichholz (comedian, MUNSTUHL), Christian Dressler (Lohrberg-Schänke), Carlos Schönig (wineBank Frankfurt), Robert Restani (Frankfurter Sparkasse).

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