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No resignation: Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann apologizes again

25.05.2022 | 11:43 Clock | Citywhispers
No resignation: Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann apologizes again

For months, Frankfurt's Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann has already been under criticism because of the AWO affair. It is about the suspicion of acceptance of benefits in office, not only the excessive salary of Feldmann's wife, but also election campaign assistance by the AWO in 2018. The accusations weigh so heavily that the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office brought charges against the city leader at the end of March. While there had already been calls for his resignation from the opposition for some time, support within his own party was now also slowly beginning to crumble. Nevertheless, Feldmann always made it clear: "I am innocent. " He also wanted to prove that by being as transparent as possible.

For the next mayoral election in 2024, he would no longer be available. Until then, he would continue to represent the city, but would exercise a sense of proportion in "public appearances and at events." In the local press, the AWO affair naturally caused quite a stir, but nevertheless, normal everyday life quickly seemed to return to the Römer. At major events such as the opening of the MOMEM, Feldmann was again prominently represented and the negative headlines - although they did not disappear completely - became much less. That changed, of course, with Eintracht's victory in the UEFA Europa League.

At the big reception on the balcony of the Römer, there was irritation when the Lord Mayor first took the trophy out of the hands of Eintracht's captain Sebastian Rode and coach Oliver Glasner, and then mispronounced the names of many players during his speech. This was met with ridicule in the media not only regionally, but nationwide. The final straw for many was a video showing Feldmann giving a speech on a flight to Seville, during which he caused trouble by making a sexist remark to the flight attendants. Although he quickly apologized for the saying, the calls for an immediate resignation became louder and louder - now also from his own party.

In view of the dwindling support and the many accusations, the Lord Mayor has turned to the press today, Wednesday, with a statement. It was made clear up front that no questions would be allowed. "Yes, I have made mistakes. I am rightly criticized for that," Feldmann began his brief statement, reiterating his apology for the sexist remark. He also apologized once again for his behavior at the Eintracht reception. But anyone who now expected Feldmann to draw the consequences from the scandals of recent weeks and months and announce his resignation was disappointed. Rather, the Lord Mayor declared that he would refrain from representative appointments until the end of the summer break and would remain completely in the background: "I will not work less, but differently," said Feldmann. Regarding a threatening court case, he emphasized once again that he was sure to be able to prove his innocence.

You can be curious how the whole thing develops further and whether the parties, which had announced, should Feldmann not resign, further steps up to a deselection process to discuss to want to make this now actually true.

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