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Red paint should provide more safety for Frankfurt's bicycle traffic

29.04.2019 | 13:08 Clock | Service
Red paint should provide more safety for Frankfurt's bicycle traffic

There are indeed quite a few cyclists in Frankfurt who do not necessarily contribute to road safety. The buck can not only be passed to car drivers, there must also cyclists and pedestrians to their own nose. Nevertheless, even when you're on a two-wheeler, it's not always easy to obey the traffic rules. In order to make the city a safer place for everyone who wants to get from A to B safely, the Office for Road Construction and Development (ASE) is increasingly using red cycle lanes for greater safety through increased visibility: further markings were also made over the Easter weekend. The cycle paths in front of the Riedberg Centre in Altenhöferallee are now red on both sides, thus ensuring greater safety. Altenhöferallee is thus in good company.

"We have already marked the bike lanes red in various sections in Frankfurt in recent weeks: Among other things, such important connections as Gutleutstraße over Baseler Platz to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße or parts of Taubenstraße in the city center," Michaela Kraft, head of the Office of Road Construction and Development, explains the work.

The reasons why a bike lane gets red paint are manifold. On the one hand, it can be measures taken by the city's accident commission. If the commission identifies accident blackspots, it orders that the bike lanes be colored red. Examples are the Eckenheimer Landstraße in front of the Adickesallee, parts of the Friedberger Landstraße or the intersection Nibelungenallee/Eckenheimer Landstraße.

On the other hand, there are a lot of smaller sections that get red paint. These include, for example, bike lanes that are located between straight and right turn lanes. As the next projects, the Office of Road Construction and Development will mark the bike lanes in Kasinostraße/Emmerich-Josef-Straße and in Nieder Kirchweg/in Stroofstraße at the junctions of the B 40 in red at the end of May.

"What looks like a bit of red paint has a big effect. Cyclists are safer on the road. This also motivates others to get on their bikes and get around in a more environmentally friendly way," says head of department Kraft, summing up the current developments.

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