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Starting signal for the reconstruction of the Chinese Pavilion in Bethmannpark

07.04.2019 | 14:26 Clock | Favorite places
Starting signal for the reconstruction of the Chinese Pavilion in Bethmannpark

After extensive preparations, the time has finally come: a few weeks ago, work began on the reconstruction of the Chinese Pavilion in Bethmannpark (we reported HERE). Last week, Environment Secretary Rosemarie Heilig joined officials from China to provide a glimpse of the progress of the work, which is expected to be completed by July. 19 workers from China are in the process of restoring the pavilion to its original state. The preliminary work has already been completed in China, after which the materials were brought to Frankfurt in six shipping containers. Since traditional handicraft methods are primarily used, with which workers in this country are not familiar, artisans from China were also brought here to complete the reconstruction. Some of them were already in Frankfurt in 2007 for the restoration of the pavilion built 30 years ago in the "Chinese Garden of Heavenly Peace" and are now making sure that the pavilion, which was destroyed by arson on May 31, 2017, will soon be standing again.

About half of the workers are taking care of erecting the wooden structure, while others are responsible for the special painting. The fact that it has taken so long for the reconstruction to get underway was due in no small part to heavy bureaucratic hurdles, including those concerning the work visas of the craftsmen. But now it should not be long before the beautiful pavilion is standing again. The work will be completed this summer. The 1.3 million euro costs, which must be spent for it, takes over completely the insurance, as Heilig at the press meeting confirmed.

For the many Frankfurt, which look forward to being able to visit soon again this small idyllic oasis in the large city, there is however a small Wermutstropfen. Because even when the pavilion is up again in July, the garden will remain closed for longer. This is because the work, the transport and the storage of the building materials have of course affected the green areas and paths. Therefore, the garden will have to be restored until the gates open to visitors again. If everything goes according to plan, it will be ready in autumn 2019. We will of course keep you up to date!

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