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The bitterly wicked comedy TRUE by Chazz Palminteri at the Old Bridge Theatre

25.09.2018 | 08:29 Clock | Culture
The bitterly wicked comedy TRUE by Chazz Palminteri at the Old Bridge Theatre
The bitterly wicked comedy TRUE by Chazz Palminteri at the Old Bridge Theatre

Chazz Palminteri is one of those actors whose face almost everyone knows, even if the name doesn't mean anything to you at first. Especially with roles in movies like Woody Allen's "Bullets over Broadway", the cult movie "The Usual Suspects" or the comedy "Pure Nerve" the New York actor became internationally known to a large audience. What few people know, however, is that Palminteri also wrote extremely successful plays, which he later adapted as screenplays. In addition to "In the Streets of the Bronx", which was filmed by Robert De Niro, the actor and author is also responsible for "Faithful", which was filmed by Paul Mazursky in 1996 with him, Cher and Ryan O`Neal in the leading roles and was released in Germany under the title "The Wedding Day".

The black-humored relationship comedy of a somewhat different kind celebrated in its stage version now as "TREUE oder: Ein (un-)organisiertes Verbrechen" premiere at the theater Alte Brücke in Sachsenhausen. In the entertaining play Margaret (Anja Köhler) is confronted with the end of her marriage after her husband Jack (Gunnar Meier) has hired the killer Tony (Dirk Leukroth) to do away with her. Then, not only could he be with his mistress, but he could also wallow in luxury with the money from Margaret's life insurance policy. Tied to a chair, the cuckolded spouse engages her killer-to-be in a stirring conversation that takes events in an unexpected direction.

With wonderfully biting dialogue and delightful wordplay, this bitterly wicked comedy provides good entertainment, further underpinned by the fine acting of the trio of actors. And the team around theatre director Alexander J. Beck should be particularly pleased about this. Because the piece represents the premiere of BÜHNENGEFLÜSTER. With this again created Start UP ensemble young actors and Quereinsteigern are to be offered the possibility of presenting their talents on the small (but fine) stage of the theatre old bridge. This extremely successful debut shows what a good idea it was to offer young talent a stage. If you would like to take part in the BÜHNENGEFLÜSTER yourself, please feel free to contact the Theater Alte Brücke at: <link>

"TREUE oder: Ein (un-)organisiertes Verbrechen" is not only a premiere, but also a consequent continuation of the concept of the theater to show a very diversified program beyond what you get in other venues and to bring a touch of Broadway to the Main. Especially with plays that are adapted from America, it is important that dialogues and wordplay are translated into German in such a way that they work just as well as in the original, but never sound "foreign" or too "artificial". What seems clever, cryptic or biting in English doesn't necessarily have to work in the German translation. So far, however, the productions at Theater Alte Brücke have always succeeded in retaining the flair of the original while making the plays accessible to Frankfurt audiences.

"TREUE oder: Ein (un-)organisiertes Verbrechen" you can still see during the current season on 17 and 18 November, as well as on 01 and 03 February 2019. Get your tickets quickly - it's worth it! For all other info on this and the other plays on the current schedule, visit: <link http: _blank>

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