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The Green Sauce Festival is coming back!

09.05.2022 | 14:53 Clock | Culture
The Green Sauce Festival is coming back!

Last summer, many people experienced culture again for the first time after the long lockdown - outdoors and at a distance. The Grüne Soße Festival on the Roßmarkt provided some particularly enjoyable moments. This alternative to the popular Grüne Soße Festival offered music, comedy, children's theater - and of course Grüne Soße! This provided a lot of good humor and a sense of community that had been missing for so long.

This year, normality seems to be largely back. But even if we have come a big step closer to it, it will certainly still take a while until an event like the Green Sauce Festival can take place again as in its original form. But a summer without Grie Soß? Unimaginable. Therefore, the open air arena comes back to the Roßmarkt again this year: cabaret, comedy, lots of music, poetry slam, magic show, children's theater - from June 24 to July 16 l invite the Green Sauce Festival to pure culture in the heart of Frankfurt City.

As last year, the event area in the arena will be covered with a huge umbrella, under which the show stage and the audience can comfortably find space. The climate will ensure a great climate on the Roßmarkt, and the popular festival market will not be missing either. In addition to the daily changing market music, there are, as always, regional and international culinary highlights around the Grie Soß. Exactly as it proved last year. Exactly the same as last year? Not quite, because there is a decisive change: to all events, including the evening program, the entrance is free! Among others, the Rodgau Monotones, Bäppi, the Papageno music theater, Johannes Scherer, Woody Feldmann or even the subway control choirs in frozen women's clothes will be guests.

You can find the program at www.gruene-sosse-festspiele.en

Green Sauce Festival - very different again

The actual Green Sauce Festival will not be able to take place in the usual way for the third year in a row: "The time for an orderly ticket sale is too short and the risk for corona-related cancellations too high," explains organizer Maja Wolff. The cancellation of very elaborate festival evenings cannot be absorbed financially. And the risk is still simply too great that exactly that could happen. Therefore, those responsible for the festival have come up with something special again for this year: the Green Sauce "Open" 2022. And that awaits you at this variant of the popular festival:

On five selected days, an open Green Sauce Tasting will take place at the festival market from 18:00 to 19:30. As always, seven gastronomic establishments will compete to produce the best Grie Soß. In addition, there will be specials on two days, the Handkäs- and the Frankfurter Sausage Contest! Here seven enterprises each compete for the best Handkäs or the best Frankfurter sausage - and not only to the Handkäs there's music.

So it works:

You buy a ticket and get a tray with seven green sauces, potatoes and eggs respectively. seven Frankfurter sausages with potato salad or seven hand cheese variations with bread - and of course the voting card! In addition there is in each case a glass beer, wine, cider or a non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Voting is done according to the proven festival rules!

"The fact that we had to take so many creative hurdles due to the pandemic has brought us to the idea, even once for pure fun to make a few experiments" Torsten Müller is pleased.

The ticket contingent for the respective Tastings is limited, so it is recommended to book in advance. Group bookings including table reservations are also possible. As of now, tickets for the Tastings can be booked at

For 25 € incl. VVK fee there is the tasting set:

7 green sauces, potatoes and egg


7 Frankfurter sausages with potato salad


7 hand cheese variations with bread

Along with a beverage of choice (beer/wine/cider/water) and of course the voting card.

And after the tasting continues seamlessly with evening program of the Green Sauce Festival - enjoy culture and celebrate the summer.


Green Sauce Tasting: 06/28 | 06/29 | 07/13 | 07/14 | 07/15.

Handkäs Tasting: 26.06.

Frankfurter Sausage Tasting: 27.06.

Schools make KlimaMeter

As in the summer of 2021, there will again be a climate wall that will once again be a real eye-catcher. It will form the backdrop for the stage program and part of the entrance area. This time, the climate wall will be designed by Frankfurt artist Jan Christian Pohl together with elementary school students from a total of 7 schools - in the colors of all UN flags. These 193 works of art are assembled as a radiant symbol to two climate walls.

Each individual KlimaMeter will thus remain a unique and thus always a recognizable part of this art action. From May onwards, these pallets can be purchased by companies and individuals, as was the case last year, either for their own use or to donate to schools, daycare centers and social institutions. In this way, every single KlimaMeter will find a new home in Frankfurt and the surrounding area after the festival.

The Green Sauce Festival, with its multi-faceted, diverse program, is once again creating a performance platform for more than 200 artists this year. There is something for every taste - both culinary and cultural. Look forward to it now and mark the festival period now already thick in the calendar!

Further information is available at:

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