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The Incredibles present a magic show at the myticket Jahrhunderthalle

30.09.2022 | 13:41 Clock | Culture
The Incredibles present a magic show at the myticket Jahrhunderthalle

What do you get when a magician who has won several awards for his magic comedy show and one of Germany's best-known hypnosis artists join forces to go on tour with a joint show? Quite clearly: an unbelievably magical pleasure. Ben David, who has already enchanted numerous celebrities and top politicians, and Christo, internationally renowned hypnotist, complement each other perfectly in their manner and their art, and offer their audience a show the likes of which have never been seen before. On the one hand, there is Ben David, who came to magic in a very classical way: his enthusiasm for magic began with a magic box, but it really "clicked" when he saw a great magician. Then it was clear to him: he wants to be able to do that, too. And that's exactly how it turned out. He loves to amaze his audience and make them laugh at the same time. When he feels the fascination in people, then "it gives once so, so much. And that makes it for me simply the most beautiful and best profession in the world," says David.

On the other side is the reserved Christo, who has been touring with his hypnosis show throughout Europe for several years. For him, what makes a good show is that all the people - whether the volunteers on stage or the rest of the audience, say at the end, "Wow, this show did something for me. I was taken out of my everyday life [...] and it was a super-exciting experience!" The unique show combination of magic and hypnosis, coupled with a lot of humor and a palpable passion for the big stage, will also be able to unfold perfectly in the beautiful ambience of the club of the myticket Jahrhunderthalle. And the best is: You can become the star of the evening here yourself - if you want to. Because the shows of the "intangible" are an interactive experience, which is to become a magical experience for all equally.

With a lot of power and energy, the duo pulls his audience along. The goal: to make it possible to experience that much of what was previously thought unthinkable becomes feasible. This is of course ensured by all the magical moments that Ben David conjures up on stage. But it is especially the moments when Christo succeeds in bringing out the extraordinary from every person who comes to him on stage and who is willing to allow the "special" without fear and with openness, under hypnosis. Be open to this experience and you will not forget this evening guaranteed so quickly again!

"The intangible" deliver an explosive mixture of fantastic illusion and newfound reality - even if that was hidden so far in your subconscious. Without any unpleasant side effects - that's a promise. Interactive, multimedia and always with a wink, Ben David and Christo lead through their extraordinary event, which is different every time and always fascinating. So, quickly secure your ticket for October 06 and find out what all is in you.

The two can make it happen - if you want it!

But of course everything is completely voluntary. In "The Inconceivables," anything can, but nothing has to. Just like in the interaction between Ben David and Christo.

Date: 06.10.2022, 20 clock in the myticket Jahrhunderthalle

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