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The new Old Town: The Coronation Walk is scaffold-free

02.08.2017 | 16:31 Clock | Citywhispers
The new Old Town: The Coronation Walk is scaffold-free

Another chapter of the new Old Town is nearing completion.

It's one of the very big highlights of the prestigious New Old Town project: the Coronation Walk! Where once emperors strode from the cathedral to the Römer as part of the coronation ceremony, Frankfurt residents and visitors to the city will soon be able to experience a piece of history. "The scaffolding for the Coronation Walk has just come down. The most beautiful part of the Coronation Walk with its outstanding architectural ensemble is now visible," explained Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann during a press tour. This opens up completely new perspectives: for the first time, the Coronation Route can be experienced authentically and in its historical dimensions. The view of the cathedral from this new perspective opens up the historic old town flair in a new, unimagined dimension.

Feldmann is pleased with the great interest in the new Old Town. And it is also important to him that each new section is made transparent. This is so that the people of Frankfurt will realize that this is not the prestige project of politicians, but will become a place for all Frankfurt residents. The new Altstadt is already listed in many city guides, which suggests that this place will also become a tourism hotspot once it opens next year. But the Lord Mayor and Thomas Feda of Tourismus + Congress GmbH do not expect the new Old Town to be flooded with tourists. Because first and foremost, this is supposed to be a place for the people of Frankfurt.

After all, this is where the roots lie not only for the imperial city of Frankfurt, but also for the trade fair city of Frankfurt. If old things are revived here in the future without completely excluding the new, the city's rich history will be underscored, as will its role as a modern metropolis.

There was another first to see during the tour of the Hühnermarkt. Here, the future "Altstadtpflaster" has already been laid on a section: In the future, many people will stroll through Frankfurt's new old town. Their path will also lead them over the "Altstadtpflaster" made of beaten and sawn basalt, supplemented with kerbstones made of basalt, which will make an important contribution to the urban atmosphere and will be designed to be handicapped accessible.

This tour revealed another exciting chapter in the creation of the new Old Town, and this time it was especially clear that completion is approaching in leaps and bounds. But until that time comes, we will surely provide you with some more nice reports from what is currently probably the most exciting construction site in the city

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