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The Roßmarkt becomes a climate piazza

28.06.2017 | 11:38 Clock | Citywhispers
The Roßmarkt becomes a climate piazza

After we have already had two heat waves with temperatures far above 30 degrees this year, hardly anyone should doubt that climate change is not only imminent, but that we are already in the middle of it. In a city like Frankfurt, the heat is a real problem. Especially on a square like the Roßmarkt, where there is almost no shade, it is almost unbearable on hot days. Anyone who has been here on Grüne Soße Day, for example, will certainly be able to confirm this. How can and must a city react to the changing climate? What can I do as an individual - at home, on my own balcony or in the garden - to make the climate in the big city a little more tolerable? Interested citizens will be able to discuss these and many other questions starting Friday at a week of action on the Roßmarkt.

Climate adaptation means above all: more green. Greenery in the city promotes cooling, dampens traffic noise and increases the quality of stay. "There has been a lot of discussion about this," said Rosemarie Heilig, head of the environmental department. "But you have to see and feel it for yourself." The Climate Piazza makes it possible to experience sensuously how a relaxed and green atmosphere can be created on a sealed city square.

The campaign is intended to appeal to everyone who passes by Roßmarkt while shopping, on their lunch break or after work. In a "climate village", visitors will learn about Frankfurt's plans for increasing heat, heavy rain and storms in a simple and experience-oriented way. What can you do yourself to keep your home cool and your cellar dry? Which places in Frankfurt do Frankfurt residents find particularly hot? Where is it still pleasant even in the heat? Visitors can mark themselves on a climate map or send photos of particularly beautiful courtyards, facades or green roofs.

The "Climate Piazza" is also a forum for discussion. To kick things off, Germany's leading health meteorologist, Prof. Andreas Matzarakis of the German Meteorological Service, and environmental physician Katharina Steul of the public health department will speak on Friday, June 30, at 5 p.m. about the design of squares and senior-friendly adaptation measures. As a common thread, there will be a dialogue over a cup of coffee each afternoon. Various experts will demonstrate how, from their perspective, climate adaptation can succeed in an intentionally small and informal setting.

In addition to classic formats such as the hr-info discussion event "Climate Oasis Frankfurt?" on Tuesday, July 4, at 6 pm, there will also be experimental approaches. For example, Daniel Boy from Invisibleplayground and the freelance game inventor Zack Wood invite you to the climate game SUPERHOT. The game will be played multiple times on Sunday, July 2, in small teams of three to five players who must work with and against each other to overcome action-packed situations of a climate change start-up.

Finally, there will be a climate barcamp on Wednesday, July 5. In cooperation with the Social Impact Lab, the Environment Department will provide the platform for a "UN" conference. In 30-minute sessions each, projects, business models, artistic or social interventions can be presented and discussed. The format is open. The aim is to share different impulses and perspectives on climate adaptation.

Head of Environment Rosemarie Heilig will open the Climate Piazza on Friday, June 30, at 4 pm. Drinks and a sweet welcome will be available from noon on that day.

By the way, the four "Green Rooms", which will stand on the Roßmarkt during the action week, will remain in Frankfurt for a year, but will not stand in one place the whole time, but will appear in different places.

You can also find more information at <link https: veranstaltungen klima-piazza>

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