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The Taunus Drop Herbal Liqueur - The Taste Surprise from the Taunus

24.11.2020 | 16:10 Clock | Culinary
The Taunus Drop Herbal Liqueur - The Taste Surprise from the Taunus

An accidental find has changed the lives of Thomas Pokoyski and David Brinkmann permanently - and enriched the region with a noble drop. During the renovation of a house in the Taunus town of Heftrich, a small treasure was discovered under the floorboards: a bottle with the words "Taunus-Tropfen" written on its yellowed label. Thomas Pokovski learned that it was a herbal half bitter that had probably been distributed in Schmitten in the 1970s. Fascinated by the small, broken bottle, the finder, after securing the rights to the name, deepened his research for further clues to the herbal semi-bitter together with his friend David Brinkmann. And soon the decision was made: the Taunus Tropfen must be revived.

And so the two Taunus lovers worked on the new herbal liqueur, which four years later was actually allowed to see the light of day. The Kilian distillery from the village of Dauborn on the edge of the Taunus also helped. The traditional company with its dedication to the craft of distilling and macerating corresponds exactly to the quality standards that the Taunus-Tropfen makers also place on the raw materials used or even the barrel storage. Together, a very special herbal liqueur was created, which combines the love of the makers to their region with craftsmanship to a complex flavor.

Its character, which sets the Taunus drop from other herbal liqueurs, receives the Taunuslikör by the herbs used, licorice roots, Limousin wood, various local berries and other finest ingredients. The goal of Thomas Pokoyski and David Brinkmann was for their reinterpretation of Taunus drop to reflect the Taunus with its deep forests full of natural monuments, prominent peaks and sweeping valleys. And this is precisely the goal that has clearly been achieved. The herbal liqueur is truly made with love. It is made exclusively in small batches, with each bottle filled by hand.

Naturally, the Corona crisis has also had an impact on the Taunus drop. The makers are particularly hard hit by the renewed closure of the gastronomy, because - as in the spring - now again important orders are missing. Nevertheless: Meanwhile, the quality of the herbal liqueur has gotten around, so that not only in its direct home, the region around Idstein not only gastronomic establishments, but also more and more private individuals order the delicious drop.

Are you now also curious about the Taunus drop herbal liqueur? Then you can order it directly HERE in our shop.

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