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These are the most popular first names of 2017

12.01.2018 | 07:45 Clock | Citywhispers
These are the most popular first names of 2017

Yes, there really are more and more exotic names. But if you look at the hit list of the last few years, the most popular first names for children still remain the classics. As in previous years, there were no real surprises in Frankfurt in 2017.

City councillor Daniela Birkenfeld presented the frontrunners, revealing that Marie defended its top spot by a wide margin in 2017. She is the undisputed leader with 263 mentions (234 in 2016) and Sophie scores second place with 225 mentions (199 in 2016).

There were also few changes in the boys' category: Alexander was again named the most boys (though only by a 3-point margin). With 180 mentions (132 in 2016), he again leads the hit list of the most popular male first names in 2017. Maximilian had to admit defeat with 177 mentions (131 in 2016) narrowly and settle in second place.

Despite or just because of all the discussions and reports about exotic and unusual first names, even after the current evaluation, the changes from the previous year are marginal. Also in 2017, the table leaders in the girls and the boys were able to hold on to the top positions. Only on the third place of the male first names there is always an outlier. In 2017, Noah made it to third place from fourth (2016 with 111 mentions) with 125 mentions. Former perennial third-place Paul came in fourth with 116 mentions after dropping in 2016 (5th place).

The changes in the rankings are minimal. The subsequent places feature familiar first names from recent years. In 3rd place for girls, Maria is back with a remarkable 177 mentions (164 mentions in 2016), ahead of Emilia, who is back in 4th place with 127 mentions (4th place in 2016 with 116 mentions). Elijah slipped from 3rd place in 2016 (124 mentions) to 5th place with 110 mentions, while Anna maintained 5th place in 2017 with 112 mentions. There are no notable newcomers to report in 2017 either. However, there is one big loser from the previous year: Julian slipped from 13th place in 2016 (63 mentions) to 30th place with 50 mentions.

The decades-long stable order is often questioned, sometimes even a filter is suspected. Therefore, it should be pointed out at this point that the present evaluation is based on a statistical algorithm of the subject procedure, which automatically ejects the namings according to their frequency. The result is used in the same way. It is also not distinguished whether the names were given as first, second or third names. However, the registry office limits itself to the representation of only the first 30 names for reasons of the clarity.

A trend to give his children an increasing number of first names is still not to be recognized. Just over 53 percent of parents gave their children a single first name and just under 41 percent chose two first names for their child. Only about 6 percent of parents were one or two first names too few for their offspring; there should be 3 or more. Overall, a distribution that pretty much matches the 2016 figures.

The full first name hit list can be found on the City of Frankfurt's website <link http: _blank>Http:// beesehen werden bei dem Standesamt unter "Vornamensstatistik aktuell".

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