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Tough lockdown will be extended and tightened

05.01.2021 | 19:59 Clock | Service
Tough lockdown will be extended and tightened

Now it is certain what many have long feared: the tough lockdown will be extended - and for the time being by three weeks. So also in Frankfurt all cultural institutions and large parts of the retail trade will remain closed. But that's not all: the lockdown is also being tightened in some respects. For example, private contacts are now only permitted with members of one's own household or another person. The rule that meetings with another household with a total of five people are allowed, is thus invalid.

Also tightened are the curfews for counties and cities with a seven-day incidence of more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In this case, citizens living in such a hotspot will only be allowed to leave the area within a radius of 15 kilometres if there is a good reason to do so. While work or a doctor's appointment are such valid reasons, day trips or shopping are not. Nighttime curfews will also remain in effect.

Schools and KITAS nationwide are to remain closed until (for the time being) January 31.

UPDATE: Following today's meeting of the Hesse Corona Cabinet, the exact regulations for Hesse have been finalized. These look as follows:

Private meetings and contact restrictions
The restrictions are expanded:

Private meetings may then take place with only one household and one other person. Also new is that children will count toward that from now on. This is the rule, which has also applied in the spring of 2020 so. As before, the accompaniment and care of minors or persons in need of support is still permitted. The restriction also does not apply in the context of mutual assumption of child care by no more than three families (family care community), if the social contacts are otherwise reduced as far as possible.

To avoid, for example, day trips and crowded tourist destinations, the radius of movement is restricted to 15 kilometers for areas with an incidence of over 200.

Schools and childcare

Here, the path taken by Hesse will be maintained and the measures will be extended: pupils are to stay away from face-to-face lessons up to grade 6 wherever possible. From grade 7 onwards, there will be distance teaching, with the exception of final-year classes. Class tests will not take place as a rule.

Kitas are to be used only in cases of urgent care needs.

Those who care for children at home can claim up to ten additional days of child sickness benefit per parent.

Old people's homes and nursing homes

In old people's homes and nursing homes, all hygiene rules must still be strictly adhered to. Relatives should only be allowed into the facilities after tests. The federal and state governments plan to assist by launching an initiative to recruit volunteers to provide on-site assistance.

Further regulations

November assistance is to be provided quickly by January 10. Federal bridge aid is scheduled to flow in the first quarter.

The existing quarantine requirement for entry from a risk area is being expanded to include mandatory testing. Upon entry, the testing requirement will apply within 48 hours before arrival or immediately after entry.

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