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VGF construction sites during the summer holidays

13.07.2021 | 16:00 Clock | Service
VGF construction sites during the summer holidays

The summer holidays are about to begin. And with it comes the time again, which is gladly used for track work and other construction measures on the Frankfurt rail network. The reason for this is that experience shows that fewer people use public transport during the holidays. For those who also rely on buses and trains during this time, the construction sites are of course still annoying, as they are associated with train cancellations, delays and other inconveniences.

There are also some measures in this summer vacation. For example, from Saturday, July 17, around 4 a.m., until Monday, August 30, around 3 a.m., the VGF will carry out track and switch construction between Nieder-Eschbach and Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim in order to be able to ensure service there in the future. As a result, no subways will be able to operate north of the Riedwiese/Mertonviertel and Riedberg stations.

The U2 line, coming from Südbahnhof, will end at the Riedwiese/Mertonviertel station, and service on the U9 line will be suspended throughout the construction work. The Riedberg can still be reached with the U8 line.

A rail replacement service (SEV) with buses is in operation from Heddernheim via Riedwiese/Mertonviertel and Uni-Campus Riedberg to Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim. Tickets will not be sold on the SEV buses. Passengers are asked to buy their tickets at the transfer stops.

Liner buses with coordinated additional services

In order to provide passengers with the most convenient service possible during the work, there are also some changes to the bus routes in the north of Frankfurt. In addition, these are also affected by interruptions to the S-Bahn line S6 due to the four-track extension to Bad Vilbel.

The Small bus line 25 (Berkersheim Bahnhof - Nieder-Erlenbach Im Fuchsloch) will be completely suspended from Saturday 17 July, 0 o'clock, to Sunday, 1 August, because no S-Bahn trains will be running in Berkersheim during that time. From 2 to 13 August, it will run Monday to Friday in coordination with the hourly S-Bahn.

The Line 28 (Kalbach - Harheim Tempelhof) will therefore run from 17 July to 13 August beyond Harheim to Nieder-Erlenbach Im Fuchsloch. At the same time, during the underground construction work from 17 July to 30 August, it will be extended from Kalbach by the fastest route over the motorway to the Riedwiese/Mertonviertel underground station, where it will connect with the U2 in the direction of the city centre.

Also at night, passengers along the U2 should be able to get home from the city center with a single change. For this purpose, the SEV will be connected to the U8 subway line at Riedberg station on weekend nights. During the week at night, there is as usual the night bus line N8, which is linked with the 28 in Kalbach.

The night service of the Line 29 between Nieder-Erlenbach and Nieder-Eschbach will receive modified travel times during the track construction work in order to be better coordinated with the buses of the rail replacement service for the U2 in Nieder-Eschbach.

Bus route 27 still interrupted

Due to the S-Bahn construction work, the bus line 27 is also still interrupted until Tuesday, 20. July, interrupted. It will run between Nieder-Eschbach and the Frankfurter Berg S-Bahn station and between Berkersheim Am Neuenberg and the Preungesheim U-Bahn station. In order to provide a better service for people in Berkersheim, Line 66 will additionally provide a transfer-free connection from Neuenberg to the U-Bahn station am Weißen Stein during off-peak hours until August 15.

Please inform and use best connections

When familiar connections are interrupted, passengers have to reorient themselves. Often, there are new routes that can be discovered via the RMV app and on traffiQ therefore recommends that passengers in the north of Frankfurt find out about the best connection before starting their journey. The staff on the RMV service telephone at 069/24248024, who are available around the clock, will also be happy to help.

Track construction between Kalbach and Gonzenheim: What exactly is being done?

The facilities have reached their useful life after about 48 years in use. A total of 3000 metres of track, two points and a double crossing point will be reinstalled. The total cost is 6.1 million euros.

S6: The four-track expansion of the railway line to Bad Vilbel

For construction work on the four-track expansion of the railway line to Bad Vilbel, it must be closed in sections and temporarily full. From July 2 to 18, the line will be closed on weekends, and from July 19 to August 1, it will be closed continuously. From 2 to 15 August, the S-Bahn line S6 will run at hourly intervals on Mondays to Fridays, and the line will be closed on weekends.

Deutsche Bahn is setting up a rail replacement service using buses. Detailed information can be found at or at

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