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World war bomb found in Nordend - defusing still on Wednesday - UPDATE

19.05.2021 | 17:25 Clock | Service
World war bomb found in Nordend - defusing still on Wednesday - UPDATE

Update from 20.05.: After the spontaneous evacuation, the 500-pound World War II bomb was detonated shortly after 0 a.m. Thursday night. The good news is that there was no apparent damage to buildings or infrastructure in the process. All residents affected by the extensive evacuation were able to make their way home before 1 a.m. - many of them from the care center in the ice rink. And a long day also came to an end a few hours later for numerous emergency services.

Not only the evacuation, but also the effort at the site to secure the controlled explosion was enormous this time: in addition to the precautions taken by the Combat Evacuation Service in preparation for the detonation, almost 50 truckloads of sand were unloaded on the area immediately adjacent to the bomb within the evening hours. This ultimately ensured that no appreciable damage was caused by the immense pressure exerted when the bomb was moved. A thank you also from us to all those involved from the explosive ordnance disposal service to the police and fire brigade to aid organisations, bus drivers and others who ensured that this evacuation and detonation proceeded quickly and safely.

Original article: A 500 kg World War II bomb has been found during work in an excavation pit in Schwarzburgstraße in Frankfurt's Nordend district. The unexploded ordnance must be blown up as quickly as possible in a controlled manner according to the assessment by the explosive ordnance disposal service of the state of Hesse (RP Darmstadt). The necessary evacuation is currently being prepared. A radius of 700 meters around the site must be cleared. This also affects the Bürgerhospital, whose patients are being evacuated at the moment. If you are in the evacuation area, you can see HERE!

Copyright: Frankfurt Fire Department

Important info for all affected persons: Anyone with limited walking ability who lives in the evacuation area and therefore needs transport to the care centre, or a safe place near the evacuation area, should register online as soon as possible or call the Citizens' Helpline on: 069 / 212 111. The link to the online registration can be found HERE:

For Corona-affected people in the evacuation area, with a written or verbal pronounced isolation/quarantine order. Quarantine order from the health department, accommodation is currently still being made and will be announced promptly.

All persons in the danger area around the World War II bomb are urged to leave their homes or the restricted area immediately! Leave your homes ready for the holidays.

A corona-compliant care center has been set up at the ice rink.

The citizens' telephone is switched on the number 069 212 111.

Police have been informing district residents via loudspeaker announcements since 3.30pm, will check the completeness of the evacuation and close the area until the measures are completed. A drone and the police helicopter are already on standby for this purpose. It is not possible to say at this stage when the actual blasting operations by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service may begin, or how long they will last.

All persons living or working within the area are urged to keep themselves actively informed of developments. Please also share the information with your neighbors or colleagues. Up-to-date information will be posted at The City of Frankfort, Fire Department and Police Department are also providing information on their Twitter channels: , or

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