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Valentine's Day Top Spots in Frankfurt & Rhine-Main

The 2019 season is sure to be another exciting year for the trade fair city of Frankfurt. In addition to annual highlights such as the Book Fair, Tendence Lifestyle and the Music Fair, the IAA Cars will once again be a guest in the Main metropolis in 2019 to make the hearts of all car fans beat faster. To give you a better overview of the trade fairs on offer in the coming months, you will find a list of all the important trade fairs in Frankfurt here.

Discover the romantic side of Frankfurt on Valentine's Day 2024! From candlelight dinners in first-class restaurants to snuggling up in cozy cinema seats - the city on the Main and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities to celebrate the day of love in a unique way. Whether you attach a love lock to the Iron Bridge, conjure up a home-cooked dinner or surprise your sweetheart with handmade chocolates, the choice of romantic activities is almost endless. Enjoy your favorite movie together on the couch or end the day relaxing with homemade cocktails - Frankfurt offers unforgettable experiences to celebrate your found hearts - we have put together some very special tips for you here:


This year, treat yourself to a special experience as a couple: A romantic candlelit dinner in a real castle! For Valentine's Day, the chef of the Schlosshotel Kronberg, Christoph Hesse, will serve you a 4-course gourmet menu perfectly tailored to the "Day of Love", including a glass of sparkling wine to welcome you.

Let yourself be enchanted by the history of the castle: the combination of historical charm and contemporary luxury creates a unique backdrop for your romantic dinner!

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Instead of traditional gifts, the Valentine's Day special at "Decorated Art" offers a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day. It creates an experiential dimension that goes beyond material gifts and focuses on shared activities and creative expression.

You will be greeted with a frothy aperitif to kick off the evening in style. Then it's time to paint: You have 70 minutes to put everything you associate with love or your partner on canvas. After 35 minutes, there will be an inspiring exchange in which the paintings are swapped. You continue your artistic interpretation on each other's canvas. During the creative process, selected wines are gradually introduced and tasted together. At the end of the event, you will take home two pictures that you have painted together. The accompanying live music helps to intensify the romantic atmosphere.

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On Wednesday, 14. February, the Frankfurt pools are offering a very special 2-for-1 special: Two people can sauna and swim for four hours, but only one person pays admission. The offer is valid in all sauna areas of the Frankfurt pools:

Titus ThermenErlebnisbäder, Panoramabad BornheimErlebnisbäder, Hallenbad HöchstHallenbäder, Riedbad Bergen-EnkheimHallenbäder


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A balloon bouquet is an unconventional and creative alternative to traditional flowers! It shows that you have put some thought into it and want to give something unique and special. Compared to cut flowers, which wither after a few days, balloons retain their shape and color for a longer period of time. This could be interpreted as a symbol of longer-lasting love! A great Valentine's Day gift idea with a surprise effect. The fantastic balloon bouquets are available as table decorations, balloon walkers or deluxe versions from trendnio . Gift and delivery service.

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The Schauspiel Frankfurt declares the whole of February the month of love - not just on Valentine's Day! Visit the theater as a couple and save on a couples ticket. Simply quote the promo code "Valentins-Aktion" (Valentine's promotion) when purchasing tickets by phone (+49 69 21249494) or in the theater's webshop and receive two tickets with a 20% discount on the regular price for these performances:

ORLANDO - EINE BIOGRAFIE Friday, 17 and Sunday, 25. February 2024
DRACULA Saturday, 03. and Thursday, February 22, 2024
Thursday, 08. February 2024
The TOVE PROJECT Thursday, 29. February 2024


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Cupcakes are small, delicious treats that often come with a variety of flavors and toppings. They offer a sweet and lovely way to share indulgence and, as a gift, are symbolic of sharing affection and love. Combined with a small bottle of sparkling wine and other treats, the gift boxes are a really sweet and loving gesture on the day of lovers! Pre-order at We love Cupcakes.

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The Autokino Gravenbruch is offering a romantic movie: on Valentine's Day, lovers can watch the film on 14. February at 6:30 pm, lovers can enjoy the classic movie "Harry and Sally" on the big screen in the car.

"Harry and Sally" is a romantic comedy from 1989, directed by Rob Reiner. The movie tells the story of Harry Burns (played by Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (played by Meg Ryan), who meet during a car ride together after college. Over the years, their relationship develops from initial dislike to deep friendship. The movie explores the question of whether men and women can really be just friends without developing romantic feelings. With charming dialogues, humorous moments and iconic scenes, "Harry and Sally" remains a beloved classic in the romantic genre.

Tip: Order drinks and snacks online in advance and have them delivered to your car!

Age rating: FSK 16

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Classic, timeless and always heartfelt: flowers. A bouquet of flowers is one of the everlasting classics among gifts on the day of love. At "Alice im Blumenland", experienced florists are on hand to advise you and not only help you with the selection, but also support you in putting together a unique flower arrangement. Let them inspire you and find out which colors and types of flowers best suit your message of love. Have the fragrant greetings of love delivered directly to your partner's home or workplace.

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Valentine's Day - The Origin

Supposedly, Valentine, a priest from Ternia, later canonized as a martyr, was executed on February 14 in 269 AD. The offense of which he was accused: He was said to have performed illegal marriage ceremonies according to the Christian rite. A far more credible explanation is that in the early days of Christianization, it was much easier to win people over to the new faith if they were left with their old pagan celebrations and feast days. Often these were even incorporated into Christian customs.

In the early 4th century in the Roman Empire, Lupercalia, the feast of Juno, wife of the supreme god Jupiter, was celebrated on February 14. Juno was especially revered as the protector of marriage, and on her feast day the giving of flowers is also said to have been common. In addition, couples were said to be drawn to each other as fiancés.

In another variation, a girl was supposed to marry whoever crossed her path first on the morning of February 14 (if that person was unmarried).

Christianity, struggling to establish itself, virtually appropriated pagan customs by attributing them to "Saint St. Valentin" and chose February 14 - the day of his execution - as Valentine's Day.

Even the Kirchenlexikon confirms this variant:

"The custom of giving each other flowers on Valentine's Day goes back a long way: in ancient Rome, the goddess Juno, the protector of marriage and family, was commemorated on February 14. Women were given flowers on this day."

A direct connection of flower-giving to Valentine of Terni, however, could not be uncovered until today.

Customs on Valentine's Day

Since the 15th century, Valentine's couples have been formed in England to send each other small gifts or love poems.

The association with flower gifts may date back to the wife of poet Samuel Pepys, who responded to Pepys' love letter with a bouquet of flowers in 1667. From then on, the association of letter and flowers became a custom in upper English society. English emigrants then brought this custom to the "New World", where it spread in a short time.

But Europe has also developed its own customs around Valentine's Day.

For example, in Italy, lovers usually meet at bridges or bodies of water, while in France, Belgium and England, Valentines are drawn for a year and are then considered engaged.

In Finland, Valentine's Day is celebrated as "Friendship Day", when people send cards or send small gifts - usually anonymously - to those they find sympathetic.

Valentinstag in Deutschland

In Deutschland hat sich der Valentinstag erst nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg durch die US-Soldaten verbreitet. 1950 veranstaltete man in Nürnberg den ersten Valentinsball.

Richtig durchgesetzt hat er sich aber erst durch die verstärkt einsetzende Werbung der Floristen und der Süßwarenindustrie. Das Verschenken von Blumensträußen gehört längst zum Pflichtprogramm. Aber auch der Geschenkehandel profitiert inzwischen vom "Tag der Liebenden".

Gerade im Internet finden sich auf den Valentinstag spezialisierte Shops, deren Bandbreite von romantischen, nützlichen bis kitschigen Geschenken reicht.

In diesem Sinne: wir wünschen allen Verliebten einen wunderschönen Valentinstag!

Du willst nicht länger Single sein?

Du möchtest gerne spätestens 2025 den Valentinstag zu zweit feiern?

Dann haben wir in unserem Special für Singles eventuell ein paar Tipps für Dich!