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LICHTER Filmfest invites to summer cinema

23.06.2021 | 16:42 Clock | Culture
LICHTER Filmfest invites to summer cinema

As in previous years, the LICHTER Filmfest again invites you to the FREILUFTKINO FRANKFURT this summer. This open air cinema at special locations has become a very popular feature in Frankfurt's cultural calendar in recent years. This year there will be a very special prologue to the open air cinema: the LICHTER SOMMERKINO. On five evenings, selected highlights of the 14th LICHTER Film Festival will be shown, which had to be held online again this year. Even though this online edition of the renowned film festival was very successful, it is still nice that some works will now be given the honor of being shown to an interested audience on the big screen after all.

The selection, consisting of three international and two regional films, will be shown from June 30 to July 04. The venue for the summer cinema and the subsequent open-air cinema is the Old Police Headquarters in Frankfurt, which already served as a unique backdrop for the open-air cinema last summer. "With its charm, the Old Police Headquarters is virtually predestined for an open-air cinema visit of a special kind," says festival director Gregor Maria Schubert. "We are very pleased to be able to show film highlights from our festival programme this year in this unique location. Finally, cinema again!", adds festival director Johanna Süß.

Due to current Corona regulations, the number of tickets available for each screening is limited. The pre-sale has already started - so it means to secure tickets quickly! These are available for €10.00 per person at or at

The LIGHT Summer Cinema Program

The LICHTER Summer Cinema will open on 30. June with The Truffle Hunters by Gregory Kershaw and Michael Dweck. From the underground depths of the Italian woods to an immaculate plate in one of the world's most expensive restaurants, the film documents the long journey of a truffle and shows how an entire industry operates. But at the grassroots, it all comes down to a few old men and their sniffer dogs. This heartwarming documentary follows the daily lives of these hunters in the midst of a dilemma: how to continue their traditional way of gathering truffles without bowing to the pressures of the capitalist market. The film's humanistic stance shows us that without these men's special and loving relationship with their dogs, truffle hunting would not exist.

Can they withstand an ever-changing world? What responsibility do we have for the future and how can we shape it? This is the question addressed in the documentary Who We Were by Marc Bauder, which won the 2020 Hessian Film Award. The film follows six thinkers and scientists from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space as they reflect on the present and look to the future. Who We Were can be seen at LICHTER Summer Cinema on 01 July.

On 02 July, Summer Cinema will screen The Man Who Sold His Skin by Kaouther Ben Hania. The film, from this year's international feature film programme, tells the story of Sam and his girlfriend Abeer, who are separated by the Syrian civil war. While he flees Syria, she is pressured by her family to marry a Syrian diplomat. In Lebanon, Sam meets an artist who wants to make him his artwork in exchange for a Schengen visa. In order to be reunited with the love of his life, Sam agrees to this deal, unaware that he is selling more than "just" his skin. The film was nominated for this year's Academy Awards and made the shortlist for the Golden Globe Awards.

In every child's life, there comes a moment of realization that the world is so much bigger than they thought. In Schoolgirls (Las Niñas)by director Pilar Palomero, that moment arrives for 11-year-old Celia when she meets Brisa, a new classmate at her Catholic school. Amidst a conservative environment and the company of her friends, in music, dancing, teasing and asking questions, Celia tries to find the liberation she needs. This film will be screened on 03 July through the kind support of Instituto Cervantes. Schoolgirls won Best Film, Best New Director and Best Original Screenplay at this year's Goya Awards.

The winning film of this year's regional feature-length film competition, street line, will have its LIGHTER open-air premiere on 04 July. Ten years after shooting the documentary film Little Wolves, directors Justin Peach and Lisa Engelbach return to Nepal to find out what became of the street boy from back then. Sonu is now an adult and father of a young daughter. With the support of his two sisters, he tries to care for three-year-old Sona. In the hope of giving her the childhood that he and his siblings were denied, he goes through a drug withdrawal that is supposed to enable him to build a new life. As Sona and her friends play in the sun-drenched streets of Kathmandu, their parents' drug problems and financial woes seem momentarily forgotten. In fact, however, they are felt in all areas of life and threaten to predetermine the future of these children in a fatal way.

After a short break, the FREILUFTKINO FRANKFURT will then start from 08 June, which will be a guest in its eighth season for the second time on the premises of the old police headquarters. More about it you will learn shortly with us.

Admission is at 7:30 pm, film start at sufficient darkness.

More info is available at:

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