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New Year's Eve 2022 in Frankfurt: What goes again and what does not?

29.12.2022 | 12:19 Clock | Citywhispers

New Year's Eve in a small circle, without big parties, without gala dinners and without big fireworks - no question, the turn of the year in the past two years was really quite different than we have known so far. And there were certainly some positive aspects to it. But many people simply missed the big celebrations and the very special atmosphere of the big fireworks display. For 2022, the parties and similar events are looking good again. But nevertheless it will still specifically a big difference from previous New Year's Eve celebrations in Frankfurt.

But first of all the good news in advance: New Year's Eve parties will be celebrated again at the turn of the year 2022/2023. Whether the Ü30 party at the Zoo-Gesellschaftshaus, the cult New Year's Eve party at the Batschkapp or a masked ball at the BADIAS Schirn Café - there is a party to suit almost every taste. And for those who prefer to celebrate the New Year with a chic dinner, the city also offers numerous attractive options. A selection of parties and other New Year's Eve events we have compiled HERE for you.

Also possible again is the private firecrackers! Like the contact bans in place for the past two years, the sale of fireworks has also been reopened.

No New Year's Eve fireworks on the Iron Bridge.

What there will also not be in 2022 is a large fireworks display on the Main. The spectacle carried out by the city at the turn of the year should actually be replaced by an environmentally friendly light show. This was also supposed to offer an alternative to private fireworks. But in the end, the project failed because of the financing. In addition, it may be doubted that such a light show would have really provided for less private fireworks.

By a general order, however, is also generally prohibited the carrying and burning of fireworks on the Iron Bridge and its bridgeheads. The aim of this ban is to ensure that the mostly closely packed people on the bridge are protected from injury.

The regulation will apply from 9 p.m. on Saturday, December 31, 2022, until 3 a.m. on Sunday, January 1, 2023. During this time, carrying fireworks of category F2 and higher (including, but not limited to, rockets, firecrackers, cannon blasts, fireworks batteries) and pyrotechnic items of category T1 and T2 (including, but not limited to, Bengal flares/lights, fire fountains, rocket propellers) is prohibited. Also, bags, sacks and other carrying containers with a capacity of more than three liters may not be taken onto the Iron Pier and its bridgeheads during this time. Please also note that if the bridge is overloaded with too many people, short-term bridge closures are possible.

The burning of fireworks is also generally prohibited in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, children's and old people's homes and particularly fire-sensitive buildings or facilities.

No matter where and how you celebrate - whether at a big party with lots of people or at home with your loved ones over raclette and "Dinner for One" - we wish you a great night! Take care and come well into the new year 2023!!!

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