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Top tips: The best photo hotspots

Take a picture of Frankfurt

Even in summer, when the sun shines from a bright blue sky on the city or sets in the evening in rich colors, Frankfurt is perfect for unforgettable photos. There are, of course, quite a few motifs in the city that tourists in particular, but also Frankfurt residents, like to photograph again and again. The Euro sign in front of the former headquarters of the European Central Bank, for example, the main train station, the Goethe House, the beautiful fountains of the city or, of course, the imposing skyline are snapped many thousands of times a day. We introduce you to a few places from which you get the city particularly beautiful in front of the lens:

Old Bridge

Naturally, the Iron Bridge is the most popular motif among bridges. Especially lovers like to take pictures next to the numerous love locks. And the Iron Bridge is also very popular with tourists. But for skyline motifs, the Old Bridge is actually the better location. On one side there is a complete view of the skyscrapers, on the other side is the also very photogenic east with the ECB and Main Plaza. And the "Brickegickel" and Karl the Great are there to boot!


The 185 meter high local mountain of Frankfurt is a very popular destination. No wonder, you have a really breathtaking view of the city from here. Particularly good photo locations are the Lohrpark and the Lohrberger Hang. And if you're ever here, be sure to stop in at the Lohrberg-Schänke or the MainÄppelHaus with its nice bistro and farm shop. By the way, until October 03, the Lohrbergbus will take you to this beautiful destination every weekend.


Few places in Frankfurt are photographed so often. Every day, countless groups of tourists pass through here, which then also make the Justitia Fountain one of the most photographed motifs in the city. Even if the Justitia is currently undergoing a beauty treatment, the Römerberg is a great photo location. From here, it is only a few meters to the new Old Town, which has also become one of Frankfurt's photo hot spots since its opening.

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After being destroyed by arson in 2017, the (new) Goethe Tower is now accessible again since 2020 - but only between 01.04. and 31.10. (then always from 8 a.m. until nightfall (8 p.m. at the latest)! Then the 43.3 meter high wooden tower offers a wonderful view over the city forest and the Frankfurt skyline from its observation deck. Access is free of charge, but you should be good on your feet and definitely not afraid of heights. After visiting the Goetheturm, you can either relax with a walk through the forest or stop in at the "Goetheruh".

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Main Tower

If you want to enjoy Frankfurt in its full glory, you can't miss a visit to the Main Tower observation deck. At a lofty height, a view of the entire city with all its facets can be taken here - from the skyscrapers to the numerous green spaces. No question, this spectacular panoramic view is worth every cent of the entrance fee! Especially in the evening hours a photo top location.

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Observation deck dome

Whoever is free of giddiness and good on foot, should not miss it to climb the approximately 300 steps in the narrow stairwell of the tower of the Frankfurt Cathedral. Because from the observation deck, which is reached in this way, you have a fantastic view of the old town and the skyline. The cathedral tower can be visited all year round, for adults the entrance costs 3 € (erm. 2 €).

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Galeria roof terrace

To capture the Zeil and Skyline motifs, you should go to the Restaurant Galeria on the top floor of Galeria Kaufhof and secure a seat on the Skylounge panorama terrace. Especially in summer or at sunset can be captured here very nice pictures. Open Mon - Sat from 09:30 - 20 clock

Do you also have a great photo location, from which Frankfurt can be captured particularly beautiful? Then feel free to write us at

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