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The Ultimate Event Guide for the FrankfurtRhineMain Metropolitan Region
May 2024
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Top-Tipps: Die besten Tattoo Studios in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

Sich ein Tattoo stechen zu lassen, ist - zumindest in den meisten Fällen - eine Entscheidung fürs Leben. Daher ist die Wahl des richtigen Tattoo-Studios und des Künstlers, der das Tattoo stechen soll, nicht nur eine wichtige, sondern immer eine individuelle Entscheidung. Ein persönliches Beratungsgespräch ist daher unbedingt zu empfehlen und bei vielen Studios sowieso Gang und Gäbe. Um Euch bei der Entscheidungsfindung zu helfen, haben wir mal ein paar Tattoo-Studios in Frankfurt herausgesucht, die mit besonders hoher Qualität und vielen zufriedenen Kunden punkten können. Einige Top-Tipps sind:

MyStory Frankfurt Tattoo & Concept Store
AMC Tattoo Studio Frankfurt
Prime Ink Tattoo
Drauf und dran
Kartell Tattoo und Piercing
Tattoo Corner No 1
Tattoostudio Hau(p)tsache

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MyStory Frankfurt Tattoo & Concept Store

"My Story Frankfurt" is one of the leading tattoo studios in Frankfurt am Main and enjoys an excellent reputation in the tattoo community.

The studio is characterized by an impressive variety of tattoo styles and an unparalleled dedication to the art of tattooing. At the "My Story Frankfurt" studio, a wide variety of tattoo styles are realized with the utmost precision and passion:

Realism: The artists at the studio are true masters of realism tattoos, offering lifelike depictions of subjects such as portraits, animals or nature. The resulting tattoos are almost indistinguishable from a photograph.

Fineline: The style of fine-line tattooing requires exceptional precision. Fine lines and intricate details are used to create delicate and precise tattoo artwork. This direction makes it possible to create amazingly detailed tattoos.

Blackwork: Blackwork tattoos are a specialty in "My Story Frankfurt". These are bold and creative black tattoos that often include complex geometric patterns, symbols or abstract designs. This style impresses with its timeless aesthetic, depth and contrasts.

Chicano: "My Story Frankfurt"honors the roots of the Chicano style, which is inspired by Chicano culture. This style often includes motifs such as gangster portraits, religious symbols and cultural references. Our artists interpret this style in innovative ways and create stunning Chicano tattoos.

Artistic masterpieces: The talented artists at "My Story Frankfurt" are not just tattoo artists, they are true artists. Each of them brings their unique creative vision and expertise to the work. Their ability to transform clients' ideas into stunning tattoo artwork is remarkable.

Customer focus: "My Story Frankfurt" places the highest value on collaboration with their clients. The artists take a lot of time to understand the customer's ideas and visions. In-depth consultations ensure that each tattoo is tailor-made and reflects the customer's personal story.

Events and community: "My Story Frankfurt" fosters a strong sense of community and is a center for art and culture. In addition to tattooing, we regularly host art exhibitions where customers and local artists can showcase their work. This creates a vibrant and creative atmosphere that brings the community together.

Unique atmosphere and espresso bar: The atmosphere at "My Story Frankfurt" is unique and welcoming. In addition to the creative elements, the studio has its own espresso bar. Here customers can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, relax and prepare for their tattoo experience. Our friendly staff ensure that customers feel comfortable from start to finish.

Hygiene and safety: The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Our studio adheres to the strictest hygiene and health standards to ensure that all tattoos are carried out safely and professionally. The use of high-quality materials and compliance with the latest safety guidelines are a matter of course for us.

"My Story Frankfurt" is not just a tattoo studio, but a place where art, creativity and community come together in harmony. If you are looking for a tattoo studio with talented artists, a wide range of styles and a strong commitment to quality and individuality, "My Story Frankfurt" is the perfect studio for you.

For more information, visit the "My Story Frankfurt" website.

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AMC Tattoo Studio Frankfurt

Welcome to AMC Tattoo Studio, where creativity meets talent in the heart of beautiful Frankfurt.

The AMC Tattoo Studio opened in late 2021 in the heart of Frankfurt am Main and offers a unique concept that combines high tattoo standards, exclusive interior and a first-class tattoo art.

With a passion for their work and an attention to detail, the studio's artists create an individual work of art from each tattoo project. The studio places great emphasis on treating its guests not only as customers, but welcoming them as friends. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority.

The tattoo artists at AMC Tattoo Studio have many years of experience in the industry and implement their work with full dedication and creativity. Each artist has their own individual style and creates unique projects that meet the highest quality standards. Whether you are interested in traditional tattoos, realism, fineline, mandala or something completely avant-garde, the studiohas artists who can cater to a wide range of tattoo styles.

In addition to customer satisfaction, the studio has placed the highest priority on sterility and safety. Special attention is paid to hygiene to ensure the health of clients. The workstations are carefully prepared, and state-of-the-art tattoo equipment of the highest quality is used to make clients feel safe.

The tattoo work offered at AMC Tattoo Studio is all unique and truly one-of-a-kind on the skin.

Prime Ink Tattoo

In the studio in downtown Frankfurt you are offered high-quality tattoos from experienced and varied tattoo artists. You can first consult without obligation or immediately make an appointment for tattooing. Hygiene is of course very important in the studio, all your individual wishes are well cared for and professionally implemented.

Also piercing is possible at Prime Ink, where of course the personal consultation and professional implementation are self-evident.

Drauf und dran

The team of the tattoo studio in Frankfurt's Brückenviertel focuses on first-class unique pieces. Detailed and above all personal consultations on site are essential. In the studio, which is also still a small store with clothing and fashion accessories attached, there are a lot of motif proposals, from which you can be inspired. Or you can simply bring your desired motif with you. Implementation, time and price will then be discussed with you. What the ladies of "drauf & dran" stab, inspires the customers, who not infrequently also from the surrounding area for the next tattoo gladly come back.

Kartell Tattoo und Piercing

In the oldest tattoo studio in Frankfurt, the highest standard of tattoos and piercings is offered since 1984. The core team and changing international top tattoo artists fulfill your tattoo wishes in the studio. A wide variety of styles are possible. You get a first impression in the galleries on the website of the studio. But also with the piercing you are here in good hands, finally, the studio is a member of the European Association for Professional Piercing (EAPP). A large selection of piercing jewelry made of 750 yellow and white gold, silver, titanium, acrylic, steel, horn and wood is available.

Tattoo Corner No 1

Here are first-class tattoo artists at work, who have won quite a few awards in recent years at tattoo conventions. In addition, only colors and equipment are used, which the artists themselves trust 100%. This applies not only to tattoos, but also to piercings, which you can also get here from real professionals. In the galleries on the homepage as well as in the personal consultation you can make yourselves a picture of the know-how of the team.


The experienced tattoo artists welcome you in the modern tattoo studio on Friedberger Landstraße. Again and again, first-class guest artists are also on site here, from whom you can get your tattoo. The atmosphere here is very friendly, you will be competently advised and the tattoos are absolutely clean and accurately stung.

A second studio (which is also an art gallery), you will find in the city center in Stephanstrasse 14-16!

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Tattoostudio Hau(p)tsache

In Frankfurt's Schwanheim district, the Tattoostudio Hau(p)tsache has been located since 2013, which was founded in 2006 and was previously located in Frankfurt Eckenheim. Owner and operator Stefan already looks back on 20 years of experience as a tattoo artist. Since 2008, he is also an active member of the DOT e.V. (Deutsche Organisierte Tätowierer e.V.), which has created and established the hygiene guidelines recognized as trend-setting by many health authorities in Germany and has now even gone beyond that to develop a Europe-wide DIN standard "Tattooing - Safe and Hygienic Practice", which was published in 2020.

Stefan accordingly works strictly according to the current highest hygienic standards.
Stylistically, he sees himself as an all-rounder and has thus not committed to a tattoo style.

In the Tattoo Studio Hau(p)tsache all motif wishes are welcome, whether large or very small, in color or black-gray.

To make an appointment or for a consultation sends best an email to: info@hauptsache-tattoo-frankfurt.de